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Located on W side of Grand Bay, 4.33 km ENE of the town of Grand Bay and 9.6 km NW of Saint John city center: Lancaster Parish, St. John County: The station located here was first called Stevens and then renamed Acamac in 1902 by the Canadian Pacific Railway: PO Stevens 1880-1958: now part of the city of Saint John.

Latitude : 45° 19'

Longitude : 66° 9'

County : Saint John

Parish : Lancaster

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New Brunswick cadastral maps show the basic features of the province along with the boundaries, lot number, and grantee’s name for land granted by the province. These maps are cumulative, showing all grants regardless of date.

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Other communities within the vicinity of    

CommunityDistance (Kilometers)Bearing
Epworth Park 3.91 270° W
Hillside 3.91 270° W
Pamdenec 3.91 270° W
Bayswater 3.93 19° NNE
Belmont 3.93 199° SSW
Sutton 3.93 199° SSW
Ketepec 3.93 199° SSW
Leighside 4.33 295° WNW
Brandy Point 4.33 295° WNW
Ingleside 4.33 295° WNW
Ingleside Heights 4.33 295° WNW
Inglewood 4.33 295° WNW
Grand Bay 4.33 245° WSW
Millidgeville 4.33 115° ESE
The Brothers Islands Indian Reserve #18 4.33 115° ESE
Lands End 4.53 325° NW
Hogs Hollow 4.53 325° NW
Morna 4.53 215° SW
Morna Heights 4.53 215° SW
Swift Point 4.53 145° SE
* Distances and bearings were calculated by using the latitude and longitude of the community.