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Pioneers, Ploughs, and Politics: New Brunswick Planned Settlements

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List of applicants for Miss Rye’s orphans. – 18 May 1870. – 1 p. of textual records. The names of the 34 applicants and their places of residence are included. Note that the applicants hailed from Kings, St. John, Charlotte, Queens, York, Carleton, and Westmorland counties. RS555-A2c Provincial Secretary, immigration administration records, correspondence re immigration of orphans and wards of the state, 1847-1878, PANB.

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Copy of letter from John A. Beckwith, provincial secretary, to R. Shives, immigration officer, Saint John, N.B. – 29 December 1870. – 1 p. of textual records. Beckwith refers to Shives’s report regarding Maria S. Rye’s orphans and states that the New Brunswick Government “is willing to receive and take charge of any number not less than forty or more than one hundred that Miss Rye may land…” RS13-A12 Provincial Secretary letter book, 1868-1879, p. 213, PANB.

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