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Pioneers, Ploughs, and Politics: New Brunswick Planned Settlements

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The First Winter The Allardville School

The Parish of Christ-Roi
In the spring of 1933, the Allardville colonists had a small patch of land cleared on their lots. As well, Father Allard had managed to obtain some seeds from the provincial government, which ensured a harvest in the fall. He had also obtained a team of horses, oxen, and a few implements so that the seeds could be planted.
Having made a measure of progress, the colonists were now ready to undertake an important community project. On 20 March they gathered at lot no. 66 along the reserve road facing toward Red Pine to begin work on a log chapel. Trees were felled and thousands of hand-made shingles were produced over the next few months. Construction of the foundation began early in April, and the land grant for the mission chapel was issued to the Bishop of Chatham in November of the same year. About a year later, on 28 October, the feast day of Christ-Roi, Bishop Chiasson consecrated the chapel. The chapel's altar was the gift of Mgr. Trudel of West Bathurst.
The parish of Christ-Roi was created in 1935. On 19 November of the same year, the Rev. Franéois-Xavier Daigle, Vicar of Tracadie, was named Pastor of the congregation. A native of Saint-Jacques, Madawaska County, Father Daigle (1900-1951), the son of Julie Bossé and Alphonse Daigle, was also instrumental in founding La Caisse Populaire d'Allardville ltée, in 1939, with the support of Bishop Chiasson. Daigle would serve as curé of Allardville until 2 June 1944.