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Spiritual Matters St. Peter's Lutheran Church

St. Ansgar's Anglican Church
Construction of St. Ansgar's Church was underway in April 1877 on 200 acres of land that fronted the main New Denmark Road. Her Royal Highness, the Princess Alexandra of Wales, the daughter of King Christian IX of Denmark, donated money towards the construction. Margaret Medley, the Bishop's wife, presented the congregation with a wooden baptismal font that was designed by her stepson, Canon Edward S. Medley. The altar was the gift of the Rev. J. M. Davenport; the pulpit, of Col. Charles W. Raymond, of Woodstock; and the communion plate, of the Coadjutor Bishop, Hollingworth Tully Kingdon. The organ was partly the gift of the Rev. J. B. Medley, of England. **
Bishop Medley consecrated St. Ansgar's Church on 17 June 1884, assisted by the Rev. Leo Hoyt. For the next 10 years, the Rev. Hansen served the congregation, despite failing health and loss of congregants, primarily due to emigration to the United States. In February 1896, when the Rev. Charles E. Maimann, Hansen's successor, arrived in the settlement, the congregation numbered about 400. Maimann was succeeded, in 1909, by the Rev. Edward Skagen.

The church under their charge was characteristically Danish. The Danish flag was prominently displayed, the Danish language was used during services, and the congregation stood to pray and sat to sing, with men on one side of the aisle and women and children on the other, as was the Danish custom. Fire destroyed the church in April 1905, but it was rebuilt by 1909.
** PANB would like to thank Helen Craig, of Fredericton, New Brunswick, for sharing her research on St. Ansgar's Church, which she found in the Diocesan Church Society of New Brunswick reports (1880-1895).