Provincial Archives of New Brunswick
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Welcome to New Brunswick

Tuesday, 6 November 1951, was a memorable day for New Brunswick, marking the start of then Princess Elizabeth’s first visit to the province. Hundreds of enthusiastic spectators were waiting to greet the 25-year-old heir presumptive and His Royal Highness The Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh when the Royal train pulled into the station at Fredericton. The couple’s arrival in New Brunswick came at the end of a month-long tour of Canada that had taken them from coast to coast. During their two-day stay in New Brunswick, Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip toured historic landmarks, talked to war veterans, listened to choral music, attended a glittering civic dinner, and received warm cheers of welcome from well-wishers, who flooded into the communities they visited. Just three months after Their Royal Highnesses bid farewell to New Brunswick, Princess Elizabeth’s accession to the throne was announced.