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View  Additional Conviction Under Passenger Act of Captain James Cooper, Barque Renewal
New Brunswick Courier 1846.7.25

View  Amendments to The Passenger's Act
New Brunswick Courier 1847.8.21

View  Arrival of Barques Aeolus and Yeoman with Sir Robert Gore-Booth's tenants - Burden on Tax Payers
New Brunswick Courier 1847.8.28

View  Arrival of Emigrants - Packet Ship Middleton from Liverpool
New Brunswick Courier 1853.12.3

View  Barque Mary & Small Pox
New Brunswick Courier 1830.8.7

View  Barque Nelson - Deaths and Overcrowded conditions
New Brunswick Courier 1831.10.8

View  Brig Despatch - Account of the wreck
New Brunswick Courier 1828.8.2

View  Brig Feronia and Small Pox Quarantine - More Letters
New Brunswick Courier 1830.7.0

View  Brig Harriet - Dublin - Quebec - Hardships faced by passengers
New Brunswick Courier 1817.12.6

View  Brig Isabella - Wreck - St. Paul's Island
New Brunswick Courier 1834.5.24

View  Brig Kelton - Wreck
New Brunswick Courier 1830.6.12

View  Brig Mayflower - Docked for Repairs
New Brunswick Courier 1827.10.20

View  Brig Waterloo - Treachery
New Brunswick Courier 1832.6.23

View  Burden of the Tenants of Sir Robert Gore Booth Arrived on Vessel Lady Sale
New Brunswick Courier 1847.9.4

View  Card of Thanks to Captain Ferguson, Ship Marchioness of Clydesdale, from John S. Saunders
New Brunswick Courier 1847.6.12

View  Card of Thanks to Joseph Thornton, Mate of the Brig Ardent
New Brunswick Courier 1823.8.9

View  Commendation of Captain R. Disbrow, Ship John Clark
New Brunswick Courier 1847.7.17

View  Conviction of Captain Patrick Beegan, Brigantine Bloomfield
New Brunswick Courier 1847.8.21

View  Conviction Under Passenger Act of Captain Alexander McNaughton, Brigantine Danube
New Brunswick Courier 1846.8.29

View  Conviction under Passenger Act of Captain James Hannah, Ship Asia of Londonderry
New Brunswick Courier 1844.6.22

View  Conviction Under Passenger Act of Richard Power
New Brunswick Courier 1846.7.11

View  Conviction Under Passenger Act of the Captain of the Margaret Thompson from Donegal
New Brunswick Reporter and Fredericton Advertiser 1846.6.12

View  Convictions Under Passenger Act of James Cooper, William Wightman and Lawrence Moore
New Brunswick Courier 1846.7.4

View  Convictions Under Passenger Act of Matthew Flinn and Thos. Ellwood
New Brunswick Courier 1846.6.27

View  Coroner's Inquest - Nathaniel Oney
New Brunswick Courier 1837.12.30

View  Custom Duties Waived on Emigrants Furniture
New Brunswick Courier 1845.2.15

View  Death of Doctor Andrews
The Standard or Frontier Agricultural and Commercial Gazette 1847.10.13

View  Editorial - Past Season's Pauper Emigration, Including Those Sent by Sir Robert Gore Booth
New Brunswick Reporter and Fredericton Advertiser 1847.9.3

View  Emigrant Statistics - Conditions - Quebec
New Brunswick Courier 1831.10.29

View  Emigrants - Arrival of the Elizabeth Grimmer
The Standard or Frontier Agricultural and Commercial Gazette 1847.6.9

View  Emigration - Advice to Emigrants
New Brunswick Courier 1834.2.1

View  Emigration - Arrival of the Mary Ann from Londonderry and Labourers
New Brunswick Courier 1853.5.21

View  Emigration - Rights of Passengers
The Standard or Frontier Agricultural and Commercial Gazette 1847.6.23

View  Emigration Fees - New York
New Brunswick Courier 1830.7.31

View  Expected Decrease in Emigration Due to New Bill Regarding Passage Regulations
New Brunswick Courier 1848.3.18

View  False Advertising - Emigrant Shipping - Port of Quebec
New Brunswick Courier 1827.11.10

View  Foul Weather
New Brunswick Courier 1830.6.5

View  Government Emigration Office Report - Arrivals and Return of Deaths
New Brunswick Courier 1849.6.2

View  Government Emigration Office Report - Passenger Lists Received, Arrivals and Quarantine
New Brunswick Courier 1848.7.1

View  Honour to Brave - Rescue of the Crew of the Barque Hiawatha
The Morning Freeman 1864.10.20

View  Indictments for breach of the Passengers Act
New Brunswick Courier 1831.6.25

View  Inquest - Thomas Kelly
New Brunswick Courier 1837.6.3

View  Lord Palmerston - Cruelties Remembered - Condition of Emigrants shipped to New Brunswick
The Morning Freeman 1861.11.16

View  Lord Palmerston motives for shipping tenants to New Brunswick
The Morning Freeman 1861.11.14

View  Marine Journal - Wreck of the Isabella
New Brunswick Courier 1834.6.7

View  Massachusetts Passenger Law to keep Emigrant Paupers out
New Brunswick Courier 1831.4.23

View  Mortality Among Emigrants - list of ships
The Standard or Frontier Agricultural and Commercial Gazette 1847.5.26

View  Mortality Among the Immigrants - various ships
The Standard or Frontier Agricultural and Commercial Gazette 1847.6.2

View  Mortality and Sickness Among Emigrants - Deaths Onboard the Barque's Aldebaran and Marchioness
New Brunswick Courier 1847.5.22

View  Mortality at Sea - Bargue Aldebaran
The Standard or Frontier Agricultural and Commercial Gazette 1847.5.26

View  Notes on America and Canada - Account of voyage
New Brunswick Courier 1829.8.15

View  Passage Notices
New Brunswick Courier 1837.1.7

View  Passenger Law Indictments - Acquittals and Prosecutions
New Brunswick Courier 1831.7.2

View  Passengers Ships - New Rules and Regulations
New Brunswick Courier 1856.5.3

View  Public Assistance to Emigrants
New Brunswick Courier 1828.5.24

View  Quarantine Regulations - Board of Health
New Brunswick Courier 1833.6.15

View  Regarding Convictions Under the Passenger Act
New Brunswick Courier 1846.11.28

View  Report of Dr.s Toldervy and Odell Upon the Condition of the Irish Emigrants in the City of Fredericton
New Brunswick Reporter and Fredericton Advertiser 1847.10.15

View  Ship Looshtauk Deaths
New Brunswick Courier 1847.6.19

View  Ship Marcus Hill - Poor Condition
New Brunswick Courier 1827.9.22

View  Sir Robert Gore Booth's Assisted Emigration Scheme
New Brunswick Reporter and Fredericton Advertiser 1847.9.3

View  St. John Common Council Resolutions Submitted Due to Influx of Ill and Destitute Paupers
New Brunswick Courier 1847.9.4

View  Steamer Royal Tar - Excursions
New Brunswick Courier 1836.6.4

View  Sufferings of Emigrants from Ireland
New Brunswick Courier 1846.9.12

View  Tax on Emigrants - Ports of Montreal and Quebec
New Brunswick Courier 1835.2.21

View  That Irish Grievance Again - Provide Burial for Remains
The Herald 1878.2.2

View  The New Passenger Act
New Brunswick Courier 1835.5.30

View  Violation of the Passenger Act - Officers of Customs to Blame
New Brunswick Courier 1847.3.6

View  Wreck - Brig Albion
New Brunswick Courier 1833.6.1

View  Wreck - Brig Wellington
New Brunswick Courier 1834.3.15

View  Wreck - Lady of the Lake of Aberdeen, from Belfast
New Brunswick Courier 1833.6.15

View  Wreck - Ship Newry
New Brunswick Courier 1830.5.29

View  Wreck - Vessel Acadia - Quebec - Measles
New Brunswick Courier 1831.10.22