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View  "A Looker On" to Patrick Bennett, Editor, Regarding Riot Witnessed
The True Liberator 1847.7.3

View  A Protestant Objects to the Article on the New Roman Catholic Chapel
New Brunswick Reporter and Fredericton Advertiser 1845.12.5

View  Address to the Right Rev. Dr. Sweeny, Bishop Elect of Saint John and His Reply
The Morning Freeman 1860.2.25

View  Aggregate Meeting of Roman Catholics - Proceedings and Resolutions of the Meeting
New Brunswick Courier 1848.8.26

View  Aggregate Meeting of Roman Catholics - Reply to the Editor
New Brunswick Courier 1848.9.2

View  Boy Flogged - Bishop Connolly Blasts Judge Wilmot
The Morning Freeman 1859.1.22

View  Boy Flogged - Bishop Dr. Connolly's letter reprinted
The Morning Freeman 1859.3.10

View  Boy Flogged - Call for Names and Facts
The Morning Freeman 1858.9.21

View  Boy Flogged - Editorial by a Railroad Man
The Morning Freeman 1859.2.17

View  Boy Flogged - Judge Wilmot's Story - New Information
The Morning Freeman 1859.3.8

View  Boy Flogged - Judge's Story True or False
The Morning Freeman 1858.9.16

View  Boy Flogged - Soliciting Judge to Defend Himself
The Morning Freeman 1858.9.18

View  Boy Flogged - The Judge and the Priest - More Debate
The Morning Freeman 1858.10.19

View  Boy Flogged - The Presbyterian vs The Investigator on Judge Wilmot's Character
The Morning Freeman 1858.9.28

View  Boy Flogged - To the Hon. Mr. Justice Wilmot from Father Michael Egan
The Morning Freeman 1858.9.16

View  Boy Flogged - To the Hon. Mr. Justice Wilmot from Father Michael Egan
The Morning Freeman 1858.8.10

View  Canada - The Catholics and the Governor - Conduct of Sir E. Head
New Brunswick Courier 1856.8.2

View  Catholic Apathy - State of Catholicity in New Brunswick
New Brunswick Courier 1841.5.29

View  Catholic Controversy - Petition to Rev. William Dollard - Re: Rev. James Dunphy
New Brunswick Courier 1844.5.18

View  Catholic Controversy - Rev. James Dunphy to Rev. William Dollard
New Brunswick Courier 1844.2.24

View  Catholic Controversy - William Cuningham - Re: Rev. James Dunphy
New Brunswick Courier 1844.5.23

View  Catholic Disabilities
New Brunswick Courier 1829.5.9

View  Celebrating the Twelfth of July at Indiantown
The Herald 1877.7.14

View  Circuit Court - Various Trials, Including Orange Riot Trials - Grand Jury Concerning the Riots
New Brunswick Courier 1849.8.25

View  Circuit Court - Various Trials, Including Those Pertaining to the Orange Riots
New Brunswick Courier 1849.8.18

View  Colonisation - Rev. John Sweeny on benefits of country living
The Morning Freeman 1860.1.21

View  Comments on Roman Catholics - Politics - Methodist - Presbyterian View
The Morning Freeman 1858.9.16

View  Cullings from the True Liberator - Patrick Bennett
The New Dominion and True Humorist 1873.4.12

View  Emigration - Colonisation - Bishop Sweeny on Catholic Settlements in New Brunswick
The Morning Freeman 1861.3.21

View  Emigration of Protestants
New Brunswick Courier 1836.7.2

View  Exclusion of Catholics from Jury Duty
New Brunswick Courier 1848.6.24

View  Extracts From the Minutes of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland - Position on Famine
New Brunswick Reporter and Fredericton Advertiser 1847.8.27

View  Fatal Affray - Riot and Murder of Mr. Robert Busby
New Brunswick Courier 1849.3.10

View  Fenians - Catholics - Confederation
The Morning Freeman 1866.1.23

View  Fenians - Orangemen - Confederation
The Morning Freeman 1866.3.10

View  Glassville Settlement
The Morning Freeman 1863.1.31

View  Grand Jury on the Orange Riots to the Lieutenant Governor
New Brunswick Courier 1849.9.22

View  Grand Jury Presentments Regarding Orange Riots
New Brunswick Courier 1849.9.22

View  Great Catholic Meeting - Meeting to Protest Exclusion of Catholics from Jury Duty
New Brunswick Courier 1848.8.19

View  Irish Church Mission - Response to charges of Mr. Webster
The Morning Freeman 1864.3.1

View  Johnville Gets Its Name
The Morning Freeman 1861.7.25

View  Letter from Johnville to the Editor - History of the Settlement of Johnville
The Herald 1878.1.26

View  Letter from Johnville to the Editor - Politics and Elections
The Herald 1878.3.2

View  Letter to Patrick Bennett, Editor, Regarding Woodstock Riot Trial
The True Liberator 1847.9.11

View  Mr. Stockton's Connections to the Orange Order
New Brunswick Courier 1853.6.25

View  New Roman Catholic Chapel Consecrated
New Brunswick Reporter and Fredericton Advertiser 1845.11.28

View  Number of Catholics Who Hold Office
The Morning Freeman 1864.1.9

View  Orange Order - Suppression of secret societies
New Brunswick Courier 1844.2.17

View  Orange Procession Saint John
New Brunswick Courier 1840.4.11

View  Orange Riot Trial at Woodstock Court Terminated
New Brunswick Courier 1847.9.25

View  Orange Riots - Further Names of Those Charged
New Brunswick Courier 1849.7.28

View  Orange Riots - Names of those Charged
New Brunswick Courier 1849.7.21

View  Orange Riots - Serious Riot and Loss of Life
New Brunswick Courier 1849.7.14

View  Orangeman Saint John - City and Catholics reaction to
New Brunswick Courier 1840.7.18

View  Orangemen - Riot - Battle of the Boyne anniversary
New Brunswick Courier 1842.7.16

View  Orangemen and influence in Queens County Election
The Morning Freeman 1864.6.16

View  Orangemen Saint John - James Nethery's reply
New Brunswick Courier 1840.7.25

View  Orangemen Saint John - Reply to Nethery letter
New Brunswick Courier 1840.8.1

View  Patrick Bennett - Challenge to debate B. O'Brien
New Brunswick Courier 1831.11.26

View  Patrick Bennett - Introductory Sermon
New Brunswick Courier 1833.10.12

View  Protestant Gift to Catholics in Quebec
New Brunswick Courier 1835.2.14

View  RC Cathedral at St. John's Newfoundland
New Brunswick Courier 1839.9.14

View  Religious Census of St. John
The Morning Freeman 1861.12.24

View  Report of interference by Thomas Jones - Catholic Church
New Brunswick Courier 1832.7.7

View  Rev. Dollard arrives From NS
New Brunswick Courier 1836.7.16

View  Rev. Mr. Powers statement on the flogging story
The Morning Freeman 1864.11.5

View  Rev. Sweeny's Land Grants - supports Catholic settlement in the country
The Morning Freeman 1860.6.16

View  Riot in Portland
New Brunswick Courier 1845.3.22

View  Riot in Portland - Reward for Murderer of James Magrath
New Brunswick Courier 1845.5.31

View  Rioters in Portland Pardoned
New Brunswick Courier 1843.11.4

View  Rioting in Portland - Names of individuals charged
New Brunswick Courier 1843.8.19

View  Riotous Proceedings at York Point and Portland
New Brunswick Courier 1845.1.4

View  Rumour - Rev. Sweeny's Land Grants under the Labor Act
The Morning Freeman 1860.6.7

View  Sale of Crown Land - Rev. Sweeny's Settlements - Anti-Catholic View
The Morning Freeman 1860.6.21

View  Scurrilous Anti-Catholic Nature of the Loyalist Paper
New Brunswick Courier 1842.6.25

View  Souper System - Irish Church Mission Society
The Morning Freeman 1864.2.25

View  The 12th of July - No Orange Order Riots
St. John Liberator Irish Advocate 1845.7.19

View  The Consecration - Right Rev. John Sweeny Bishop of Saint John
The Morning Freeman 1860.4.17

View  The Powers' Case - Boy in Judge Wilmot's flogging story
The Morning Freeman 1864.10.25

View  The St. Croix Courier on Hardwood Island
The Herald 1878.3.9

View  The Twelfth of July and a Fight
New Brunswick Courier 1853.7.16

View  Twelfth of July, 1878 - Lack of Riots
The Herald 1878.7.20

View  Young Irelanders - Complaints Against the Freeman
New Brunswick Courier 1856.9.6

View  Young Irelanders - Response to the Freeman's Accusation
New Brunswick Courier 1856.9.13