Provincial Archives of New Brunswick

Thematic Guide to Archival Records Documenting the Environment

Your Environmental Trust Fund at Work

Historical records hold great potential as a resource for information and analysis of our environment and the changes it has undergone over time. This is true for both records created directly in regard to the environment, such as meteorological observations, or records relating to natural resources, for example, records of forest product companies that document the impact of human activities.

This guide provides detailed information on a number of collections that contain important documentation for the study of topics related to the environment and natural resources. These are part of a large number of collections at the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick that relate to the environment and to the use and stewardship of the natural resources of New Brunswick, and that are important to gaining a knowledge and understanding of the environment. They document the state of the environment at various periods in New Brunswick's history, record methods used over time to harvest natural resources and the volumes taken, and provide a means of measuring the impact of settlement, development and industry on the environment. They provide information on conservation initiatives and research, and on the efforts of individuals and organizations conerned about the impact of pollution, unmitigaged exploitation and protection of the environment.

The collections included were selected to represent a variety of facets of the environment: meteorology, natural resources harvesting, and energy resources.

Collection Title Dates
MC2021 Meteorological Service of Canada. Bass River fonds 1872-1876
MC300 MS45 Meteorological Service of Canada. Fredericton Registers 1874-1922
MC2552 Meteorological Service of Canada. New Brunswick fonds 1861-1946
MC884 Charles Forster Meteorological Register 1842-1845
MC451 Thomas Miles Diaries 1818-1856
MC300 MS16 Wolhaupter Family Collection 1846-1847
MC1049 W.S. Loggie Company Ltd. fonds 1873-1965
MC1377 Gloucester Lumbering and Trading Company Ltd fonds 1938-1970s
MC326 Maritime Energy Coalition fonds 1975-1978
MC2293 E. van Walsum Fundy Tidal Power fonds 1939-1988
P255 Wilson Studio fonds 1949-1978
P555 The Photographic Services Corporation Ltd. fonds c. 1945- c. 1960
RS689 Photographic Services Records 1946-1953

A primary objective of the Guide's sponsor, the Associates of the Provincial Archives, is to assist the Provincial Archives in promoting and making available its primary research resources. The support of the Environmental Trust Fund for the "Identification and Development of Environment & Natural Resources Collections Project" has assisted the Associates in this mission and made accessible records previously unusable because they were not arranged or described.