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MC326Maritime Energy Coalition Fonds

Dates of Creation
1972 - 1983

Physical Description
80 cm of textual records

Administrative History
The early 1970's saw the governments of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick investigate the possibility of constructing a nuclear power reactor in the region. The upsurge of protest against such a project was strongest in the two provincial capitals, Moncton, and any area rumoured to be the site of the plant. In March 1972 the first press release mentioning the possibility of a nuclear reactor for the province of New Brunswick was issued. Pollution Probe, a group out of Moncton, began studying nuclear power, and in August that same year they objected to NB Power's request to export nuclear generated power. In the summer of 1973 The Chaleur Bay Environmental Protection Association was formed. In Nova Scotia the South Shore Environmental Protection Association was set up to protest the possible construction of a nuclear power station on Stoddard Island. Together, the SSEPA and the Ecology Action Centre in Halifax began researching nuclear power. Although the idea of a nuclear station on Stoddard dissipated, studies began to find alternate locations, and by summer 1974 additional anti-nuclear groups had formed along the Fundy coast.

In September 1974 the Maritime Coalition of Environmental Protection Association, later to become the Maritime Energy Coalition, composed of all 3 active maritime groups, formed to protest the construction of nuclear power plants and to promote the use of alternate energy sources. In May 1975 the first issue of "Nuclear Reaction," their newsletter, was released. In autumn 1975 the Maritime Energy Coalition became a member of the Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility. Once the site of construction was announced as Point Lepreau, NB, the involvement of the Nova Scotia groups waned and the organization became largely New Brunswick dominated. With the completion of Point Lepreau, the energies of the group melded into other environmental groups focusing on conservation, alternative energy, and monitoring the nuclear industry.

Custodial History
Information about the custody of these records prior to acquisition is incomplete.

Scope and Content
This fonds consists of a wide variety of documents concerning many environmental / nuclear issues and concerns: minutes and other financial records of the organization, newsletters from various activist groups, correspondence, petitions, drafts of articles, clipped articles on many nuclear issues, and pamphlets.


File MS1C Mailing and Telephone Lists

Finding Aid
An inventory is available.



ACorrespondence to MEC Members,1976 - 1978

BOther Correspondence

2 1976
3 1977 
4 1978
5 1979
6 1980
7 1981
8 1982
9 s.d.

CMailing and Telephone Lists (File Restricted)







AElizabeth Matt(?) with Hattie Perry

B Elizabeth Matt(?) avec Hattie Perry

CUnidentified Female

DAnti-Nuclear Festival



AFinancial Statements, 1977 - 1978

BTreasurer's Report, 1978

CBank Records (OUT?)

1Cheque Stubs 1978
2Deposits 1978 - 1979
3Statements 1978 - 1983
4Bankbooks 1981 - 1982


11977 - 1978
2 1979 - 1980
31981 - 1983

EInformation Day Receipts, 1977 - 1978


AMaritime Energy Coalition Newsletters, 1977 - 1980

B "Nuclear Reaction"

1Issues [Winter 1975-1976, Summer 1976, No. 3 1976, No.4 1977, 1978]

2 Articles (drafts)
3 Graphics (paste-ups)
4Correspondence and business statements, 1975 - 1976
5Receipts, 1977 - 1978

C"Southern New Brunswick Nuclear News"

1Issues [June, July, Sept., Oct., Nov. 1980, Dec.-Jan., April, May, August, Nov.-Dec. 1981]

2 Notes and correspondence, 1980 - 1981


AArbour Day 1973 [duty list, plans, source list, promotions, sales]

B Week of Nuclear Responsibility 1975 [information kit, campaign description, schedules, contact list, press release, plans, correspondence, source list, flyer, map, editorial (draft)]

CAppropriate Technology Conference, 1976 - 1977 [planning committee notes, memo, correspondence]

D Festival of Life, 1976 [press release, correspondence, flyer]

ENonviolent Workshop, 1977 [workshop summary]

F Callendria Protest, 1977 [article, press release]

GAlternate Energy Fair

acorrespondence, article, flyers, memo, exhibitors list, plans, participant registration, films for fair, announcement, update, information sheet

a correspondence, information sheet, speakers list, memo, advertisement, schedule, speaker bios, speakers schedule, speaker topics, statement, flyers, speaker and topic list, performers list, press release, updates, receipts, contact list, ad (draft), media list, location maps, venue maps, booking list, daycare registration form, daycare registration form draft, notes, minutes, contract, expense list, budget changes, rental price list, rental agreements, promotion list, order form, projectionist schedule

b receipts
31979 receipts
4 n.d. receipts

HTechnology for People 1977 [pamphlet, announcement, press release, memo]

IMarch for Survival, 1980 [flyer, memo]

JToronto to New York City Peace Walk, 1982 [correspondence, statement, flyers, budget, housing form]

KTaxes for Peace, 1983 [newsletter, pamphlets, flyers, principle statement]


AAssociations and Agencies

1The Union of Concerned Scientists, 1974 - 1975 [pamphlets, debate papers, declaration, correspondence, press release]

2Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility, 1975 - 1982 [correspondence, newsletters, pamphlets, petition, press releases, memo, background paper]

3Green Peace, 1975 - 1979 [pamphlets, article, newsletter]

4House of Commons, 1975 - 1982 [debate, speech, report, articles, comments]

5Maritime Coalition of Environmental Protection Associations, 1975 - 1976 [statement, letters (to R. Hatfield and G. Regan), minutes (from meeting with Richard Hatfield)]

6The Clamshell Alliance, 1976 - 1977 [newsletter, articles, press release]

7Environment Canada ,1976 - 1981 [regional directory, bulletins]

8Committee on Nuclear Issues in the Community, 1978 [press releases]

9 Atomic Energy Control Board ,1979 [conference paper, committee paper]

10The Small Party, 1980 [press release, brochure (inc. drafts)]

11 South Shore Environmental Protection Association, 1976 [ad, newsletters]

12OOA,1980 [introductory paper]
13Environmental Non-Governmental Organizations Steering Committee,1982 [memo]

14The National Film Board of Canada [pamphlets, catalogues varied, 1973 - 1982]

15Citizens Energy Council, 1974 - 1975 [pamphlets]
16Energy, Mines and Resources Canada, 1978 [press releases (7/58, 7/59), minister's statement]

17Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd., 1971 - 1976 [publication lists: 1971 - 1975, pamphlet, study paper, booklets]

18Fredericton Nuclear Hazards Committee, 1977 [correspondence]


1Nuclear Issues
aNuclear Energy, 1973 - 1980 [reading list, testimony, articles, pamphlets, guides, US Senate Bill S.1665, booklets, newsletters]

bNuclear Power, 1974 - 1979 [pamphlets, papers, articles, newsletters, report]

c Point Lepreau, 1977 - 1982
iGeneral,1977 - 1982 [booklet, cost analysis, articles, drawings, photos, MEC statement, correspondence, policy resolution (PEI Federation of Labour), PSA, newsletter, press release, critique of emergency plan]

ii"The Beacon" 1977 [Point Lepreau news bulletin (issues 8 & 9)]

iii "The Nucleus" 1977 - 1982 [project newspaper, April 1977 - Dec. 1982]

dThe California Referendum ,1976 [articles]
e Incidents and Closures,1974 - 1982 [articles]
fSafety, 1974 - 1981 [articles, pamphlets, bulletin]
g Uranium, 1974 - 1981 [articles, pamphlets, newsletters, Bishop's statement, B.C., Sask., Vermont, U.S.S.R., Philippines, etc.]

h Plutonium 1974 - 1978 [articles, Carter]
i Nuclear Weapons and Disarmament 1972 - 1982 [articles, pamphlets, press release, cartoons, Jewish ministers resolution, Toronto group directory]

jNuclear Attitudes [petitions, articles, flyers, bumper sticker, correspondence, pamphlets, strategy statement, Silkwood, Harrisburg]

k Radiation and Detection 1972 - 1981 [booklet, articles, pamphlets, impact study, risk assessment, evidentiary paper, Spiderwort, press release]

2Anti-Nuclear Newsletters
a "The Birch Bark Alliance" Issue Four
b "Friends of Cantdu" 1976 - 1978
c "Ploughshares Monitor" 1977 - 1978
d "WIN" 1974, 1978
e "Friends of the Earth" 1978
f "Pollution Probe" 1974, 1977, 1981
g "Energy Probe" 1976
h"Critical Mass" 1976 - 1978
i "Voice of Women" 1978
j "H.O.P.E." 1981
k "Nuclear Opponents" 1974 - 1976
l"T.H.I.N.K." 1982
m"Crosscurrents" 1980
n"Upset - NCDC Newsletter" 1978
o"UNAC Bulletin" 1977
p "Nuclear Newsletter" 1981
q"SES Newsletter" 1981


1Energy Issues
aGeneral Information, 1970 - 1981 [pamphlets, articles, booklets]

bHydroelectric Power, 1976 - 1983 [pamphlets, report, postcard]

cLiquefied Natural Gas, 1977 - 1978 [orders: GH-3-77, GH-2-77, submission papers, press releases]

dAlternative Energy Sources, 1974 - 1982 [suppliers list, correspondence, magazine, questionnaire, catalogue, ads, articles, circulars, bulletin, pamphlet, press release, booklet, reports]

eEnergy Conservation, 1975 - 1982 [newsletters, study, briefs, report EI-77-18, articles, pamphlets, booklets, sticker, efficiency calculator]

2Energy Newsletters
a "Conservation Council of New Brunswick", 1977 - 1982
b"Canadian Renewable Energy News", 1977 - 1978
c"Natural Life", Winter 1980/1981
d "Energy News Digest", 1981
e"e-lab", 1979
f "Peace Work", 1974
g "Science News", 1974
h"Conserver Society News", 1976
i "The Conserver", 1976 - 1977
j "wise", Oct. - Dec. 1980

D Environment

1Environmental Issues
aEnvironmental Attitudes, 1974 - 1980 [survey report, articles, pamphlets, questionnaire]

bNuclear Waste Disposal and Management,1967 - 1980 [articles, booklets, press release, bulletin, newsletter, essay, correspondence]

c Ecology Action Centre, 1976 - 1983 [notes, newsletters, pamphlets, correspondence]

dBiomass Energy and Agriculture, 1973 [report, flyer]
eFederal Environmental Assessment Guide, 1977 [booklet]

fCanadian Information Sharing Service, Nov., Dec.1977 [booklets]

gWashington Resource Report, Environmental Policy Center, March 1978 [report]

hTask Force Against Nuclear Pollution, 1977 [correspondence, petitions, reports]

iWomen for Survival, n.d. [flyer]
j Women and Life on Earth,1980 [newsletter]
kSurvival, 1974 [newsletter]
lNational Survival Institute Report "More Than Survival", 1978 [newsletter]

mEnvironmental Action Reprint Service, 1975, 1976 [catalogues]

nEnergy and Ecology, 1975 [newsletter]

2 Environmental Newsletters
a N.E.C.N.P. Newsletter, 1976
bEco / Log Week, 1976, 1978
cNews about radioactive waste management April - Dec. 1978