Provincial Archives of New Brunswick
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New Brunswick Cemeteries

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Database last updated: January 11, 2013
Cemeteries: 950
Family names recorded: 9,862
Total Records: 218,253

CountyCemeteriesFamily NamesRecord CountLast Updated 
Albert18232005-06-02 8:54:34 PM Cemeteries
Carleton1292164261702004-07-15 9:48:32 PM Cemeteries
Charlotte1091988192942004-10-04 10:04:43 AM Cemeteries
Gloucester701753346012005-05-17 7:13:55 PM Cemeteries
Kent551145160832005-05-02 9:47:18 PM Cemeteries
Kings1201642167812013-01-11 12:00:00 AM Cemeteries
Madawaska318626012005-04-02 7:02:13 PM Cemeteries
Northumberland847223122005-05-20 2:51:45 PM Cemeteries
Queens1451547138742005-01-16 1:22:49 PM Cemeteries
Restigouche785264112005-02-27 10:09:17 AM Cemeteries
St John23106561082005-07-11 11:27:31 AM Cemeteries
Sunbury531592100092004-10-29 2:46:05 PM Cemeteries
Victoria1248020902004-09-01 7:54:48 PM Cemeteries
Westmorland661211131042004-10-16 5:06:09 PM Cemeteries
York1494270487922012-01-16 8:17:00 AM Cemeteries