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Mgr Donat Robichaud Genealogical and Historical Research Collection

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 Family NameGiven NamesDatePlace
Details AudetA.1953-02-12Pointe-Verte
Details AudetAlmy1941-01-09Charlo
Details AudetAlonzo (Mme)1957-09-16Paquetville
Details AudetArmel1950-06-04Bathurst
Details AudetE.-J.1944-05-11 
Details AudetEdmond1945-05-10 
Details AudetEdmond1947-07-05Bathurst
Details AudetJ.-E.1946-04-25 
Details AudetJohn Emile1948-07-29 
Details AudetJoseph1933-04-20Bathurst
Details AudetJoseph1940-02-01Shannonvale
Details AudetJoseph Alyre1944-11-16 
Details AudetLéa1947-02-13Bathurst
Details AudetLéontine1939-08-17Caraquet
Details AudetLouis1938-07-28 
Details AudetLouis1948-08-24Néguac
Details AudetNoëlla1937-09-02Dalhousie
Details AudetRoméo1941-09-25Paquetville
Details AudetRoméo (Mme)1957-09-16Paquetville