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Wallace Hale's Early New Brunswick Probate, 1785-1835

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 Family NameGiven NamesCounty
Details ALLENJonathanSunbury
Details ALLISONSarahSunbury
Details BARKERBenjaminSunbury
Details BARKERJacobSunbury
Details BARKERJacobSunbury
Details BARKERJosephSunbury
Details BARKERThomasSunbury
Details BARTLETTRichardSunbury
Details BELLJohnSunbury
Details BERTONAnn FrancesSunbury
Details BLISSDanielSunbury
Details BLISSIsabellaSunbury
Details BOONMurraySunbury
Details BRIDGESSamuelSunbury
Details BROOKSAbnerSunbury
Details BROWNBenjaminSunbury
Details BROWNWilliamSunbury
Details BROWNZacariahSunbury
Details BROWNEJoshua ConverseSunbury
Details BURPEBenjaminSunbury