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Wallace Hale - Dossiers successoraux anciens du Nouveau-Brunswick, 1785-1835

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Y avait-il un testament? Oui
Date du testament1801-09-07
Date à laquelle le testament a été attesté1802-01-12
Un inventaire a-t-il été dressé? Non
ParoissePrince William
Le résumé fait-il référence à des Noirs,
des hommes libres, des serviteurs et/ou des esclaves?
S'agit-il du dossier sucessoral d'une femme? Non
Le résumé fait-il référence à un navire? Non
Résumé Parish of Prince William, York County, Esquire. Will dated 7 September 1801, proved 12 January 1802. Executors to sell my estate, "Rosehall," in Parish of Lynhaven, County of Princess Anne, State of Virginia. From proceeds, £40 to enclose my father's grave yard. One-half the proceeds, plus £460 to be divided among wife Mary and sons Jacob ELLEGOOD, John Saunders ELLEGOOD and Samuel Inglis ELLEGOOD. One-half, less £460, to son William ELLEGOOD. Son William ELLEGOOD all my negroes except one wench called Betty and one girl not above 12 years of age. Grand-daughter Rebecca Aitchison ELLEGOOD one negro girl not above 12 years of age to be chosen by her. Wife Mary ELLEGOOD one-half of Lots 191-196 in Prince William purchased from Capt. William STEWART, 537 acres, to son Jacob at her death. Son Jacob Lots 219, 220 in Prince William bought from John GIBERSON; Lots 217, 218 bought from Alben COLE; Lots 215, 216 bought from Samuel CLAYTON; Lots 197, 198 bought from Bryan Lafferty STEWART; one-half of Lots 191-196; my negro boy John. Son John Saunders ELLEGOOD Lot 17, second tract, in Parish of Fredericton, bought from Lawrence WILSIE; Lots 3-7, called College land, granted to me, the dwelling now in the tenure of Rev'd. Mr. PIDGEON; my mulatto wench Pleasant and her 3 children, James, Sally and William. Son Samuel Inglis ELLEGOOD Lots 185-190 in Prince William bought from Alexander STEWART; Lot 2, second tract, Fredericton, purchased from George LAMBERT, now in the tenure of Henry NOBLE; my negro boy Irvin. Mourning rings to wife and four sons, friend Anthony WALKE, brother-in-law Judge SAUNDERS and his wife, Capt. John McKAY, and my sister-in-law Mrs. Margarrette McKAY. Anthony WALKE, County of Princess Anne, State of Virginia, brother-in-law John SAUNDERS Esq., sons William ELLEGOOD, Jacob ELLEGOOD and John Saunders ELLEGOOD executors. Witnesses: John DAVIDSON, Hamilton DAVIDSON, Robert PAYNE Senr.
Numéro SD75