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New Brunswick Great War Project

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Attestation(s)FederatedFamily NameGiven NamesDate of BirthPlace of Birth
   AtkinsonAlexander Wardlow1892-12-18Fredericton, NB
   AtkinsonArnold Seward1892-11-24--
   AtkinsonArthur Arnold1890-04-25--
   AtkinsonArthur George1897-09-10Lewisville, NB
   AtkinsonBoyce Albert1894-10-03Halifax, NS
   AtkinsonCarl Franklin1897-08-19Dalhousie, NB
   AtkinsonCecil Trueman1897-07-13--
   AtkinsonCharles Harry1894-03-21--
   AtkinsonEarl Alexander1896-12-05Eel River Crossing, NB
   AtkinsonEarl Knapp1899-04-23Sackville, NB
   AtkinsonEdward Walter1896-09-08Dorchester, NB
   AtkinsonFrank Russell1886-11-20Sackville, NB
   AtkinsonFreeman1894-04-05Harcourt, NB
   AtkinsonGeorge Nelson1887-11-09--
   AtkinsonGordon Douglas1893-06-17Derby Junction, NB
   AtkinsonGordon William1895-01-20Calhoun, NB
   AtkinsonHaddon Spurgeon1892-01-26Norton, NB
   AtkinsonHarry0000-13-11Havelock, NB
   AtkinsonHenry Dawson1892-07-19Harcourt, NB
   AtkinsonKenneth Mckay1895-02-15Debec, NB
   AtkinsonKirk Irving1898-02-02Moncton, NB
   AtkinsonLawrence Edward1896-03-01Stewiacke, NS
   AtkinsonOren Beldon1891-01-21Sackville, NB
   AtkinsonRobert Edward1885-03-09--
   AtkinsonRoss1895-02-08Havelock, NB
   AtkinsonSidney Herbert1881--
   AtkinsonThomas Howard1895-07-27--
   AtkinsonWallace Perly1885-05-22--
   AtkinsonWellington Michael1892-11-11Dorchester, NB
   AtkinsonWilliam Douglas1886-09-30--
   AtkinsonWilliam Henry1896-06-01Rockport, NB
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Showing 1 to 33 of 33 records found