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Vital Statistics from Government Records (RS141)

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 EventName CountyYear
Details Marriages KAGLAR, CHRISTINA MAY Charlotte 1936
Details Marriages KAGLAR, DORA ABBIE Charlotte 1947
Details Marriages KAGLAR, GLORIA DONNA Charlotte 1966
Details Marriages KAGLAR, JOYCE MYRTLE Charlotte 1958
Details Births KAGLAR, MARION KATHLEEN Charlotte 1912
Details Marriages KAGLAR, MARION KATHLEEN Charlotte 1928
Details Marriages KAGLAR, MARTHA ALICE Charlotte 1947
Details Births KAGLAR, MILDRED VIOLA Charlotte 1915
Details Marriages KAGLAR, MILDRED VIOLA Charlotte 1937
Details Births KAGLAR, OTIS CALVIN Charlotte 1919
Details Marriages KAGLAR, OTIS CALVIN Charlotte 1953
Details Births KAGLAR, ROBERT THOMAS Charlotte 1916
Details Deaths KAGLAR, WILARD Charlotte 1935
Details Births KAGLAR, WILLIAM (father) Charlotte 1915
Details Deaths KAGLAR, WILLIAM GEORGE Charlotte 1961
Details Births KAGLAR, WILLIAM GEORGE (father) Charlotte 1912
Details Births KAGLAR, WILLIAM GEORGE (father) Charlotte 1916
Details Births KAGLAR, WILLIAM GEORGE (father) Charlotte 1919