Provincial Archives of New Brunswick

Sound and Moving Images

Holdings in these media are growing rapidly in size and importance. Footage includes professionally produced documentaries, travelogues and promotional clips, and "home movies". Items range from silent films in black and white, through color productions with sound, and modern video cassettes. Among the topics covered are lumbering, commercial and sports fishing, public works, war activities, tourism and investment promotion, and election campaigns. Programs deposited by community television stations and the provincial affiliate of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation provide coverage of events, personalities, and special interest items, both past and current.

Sound recordings contain information on industry, business, labor, cooperative movements, the military, government, politics, folklore, native peoples and other ethnic groups, the arts and religion. They are acquired from individuals, from regional broadcast stations, and through an Archives program of interviews with New Brunswicker's who have contributed to the province's heritage. In many instances background research, transcripts or content summaries are available.