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The Associates of the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick is an independent non-profit group that has been formed to work with staff and volunteers to further the aims and objectives of the Archives. The group's object is to supplement and enhance the Archives' programs, and provide opportunities for members of the public to participate directly in preserving New Brunswick's documentary heritage.

Support or 'friends' groups have long played a vital part in heritage work, and they have become increasingly important to many institutions. They indicate a broader sense of community involvement and a greater ingenuity in using available resources and in attracting potential sources of support.

Members of the group are drawn from regions throughout the province and possess a range of heritage interests and concerns. Their interests are as researchers, educators, donors, writers, artists, collectors and consultants, and workers in other cultural fields.

The Provincial Archives welcomes the support of the Associates to enrich and enhance its operations. The well-organized efforts of the Associates attract donations of time, specialized services, equipment, facilities and funding for major projects or the acquisition of significant collections that would otherwise be inaccessible to the Archives. The work of the Associates helps the Archives meet the steadily increasing demands the institution is facing. The Archives is experiencing a growth in the numbers of inquiries from both government and the public, the impact of electronic media, and the care and preservation of the collections.

The Provincial Archives collects and preserves documents that have a bearing on the history of the province. It is the repository for all government records of enduring value. It also acquires documents or reproductions from individuals, families, churches, businesses, associations, and other repositories. It is the centre for primary research sources in New Brunswick history and attracts a wide range of visitors, including government and legal researchers, scholars in all branches of history, family historians, statisticians, and environmentalists. The Archives also supports the work of regional and thematic archives throughout the province by providing professional advice, service and assistance. In a province as old and as diverse as New Brunswick, this many responsibilities can be a daunting task. The support of the Associates is most welcome.


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