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IM is Everyone’s Responsibility
How does information management affect me?
  • As a public servant you have a responsibility to manage government assets efficiently and appropriately.
  • You are responsible for the records and information you create and receive during the regular course of business.
Records Management Network

As part of New Brunswick’s Records and Information Management program, a Records Management Network was established in 1991 to provide a forum which permits the exchange of ideas, the dissemination of information, and the achievement of common goals within the records and information management profession. This forum is open to all New Brunswick Government employees engaged or interested in activities related to this field.

Some past topics include:
  • Regional Records Management
  • Retention Planning
  • Electronic Information Management Systems (SharePoint, TRIM, etc)
  • e-Discovery
Come Join Us!

If you are interested in joining us, have a topic to suggest, or would like more information, please contact us at records.centre@gnb.ca.