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RS108-Guittard,-F | Land Petitions: Original Series

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Reference number: RS108-Guittard,-F

Place : -
Date : February 28, 1825

A person wanting a Crown land grant would make an application to the Lieutenant Governor (later to the Crown Lands Office) containing information about the individual wishing to acquire land, that person's needs, family, and any service rendered to the Crown that would put him in the government's good graces. The Lieutenant Governor in Council, acting as the lands advisory committee, would approve or reject the application. If it was approved, an order/warrant of survey was issued to the deputy surveyor, who would establish the boundaries of the grant to be made. The land grant was awarded based on that information.
This document is the application for a land grant dated February 28, 1825, submitted by François Guitard (Francis Guittard) for a 200-acre lot in the Belledune area in northern New Brunswick. He provided certain information about his family circumstances and some of his activities preceding his grant application. We learn, among other things, that he was born in France (Old France) and that he was married with eleven children, eight boys and three girls.

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