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arrow St. Stephen
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Located on E side of the St. Croix River opposite Calais, Maine: Saint Stephen Parish, Charlotte County: settled by Loyalists in 1783: first known as Scoodic and then Dover Hill: renamed St. Stephen: PO St. Stephen from 1825: St. Stephen was incorporated as a town in 1871 and had a population of 3,000: in 1898 it was a seaport and port of entry as well as the terminus of the Shore Line Railway: St. Stephen had 1 post office, 90 stores, 2 hotels, 1 candy factory, 1 soap factory, 1 cigar factory, 1 woodworking factory, 1 suspender factory, 1 carriage factory, 6 churches and a population of about 3,000: included the settlements of Morristown and Saltwater: also included Union Mills: PO Union Mills 1913-1969: St. Stephen and Milltown were amalgamated in 1973 to form St. Stephen-Milltown: the name reverted to St. Stephen in 1975.

Latitude : 45° 12'

Longitude : 67° 17'

County : Charlotte

Parish : Saint Stephen

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Other communities within the vicinity of    

CommunityDistance (Kilometers)Bearing
Five Corners 1.31 270° W
Union Mills 2.27 215° SW
Getchell Settlement 3.2 305° NW
Mayfield 3.2 305° NW
Four Corners 3.2 235° SW
Crocker Hill 3.2 125° SE
Blackland 3.71 0° N
Barter Settlement 3.92 270° W
Heathland 3.93 341° NNW
Valley Road 3.93 19° NNE
Milltown 3.93 199° SSW
Stillwater 3.93 199° SSW
Christie Town 3.93 199° SSW
Bay Road 4.34 65° ENE
Back Road 4.34 65° ENE
* Distances and bearings were calculated by using the latitude and longitude of the community.