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arrow Tetagouche South Side
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See South Tetagouche: Bathurst Parish, Gloucester County.

Latitude : 47° 36'

Longitude : 65° 49'

County : Gloucester

Parish : Bathurst

County location in province

County map showing parishes
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Cadastral Maps
New Brunswick cadastral maps show the basic features of the province along with the boundaries, lot number, and grantee’s name for land granted by the province. These maps are cumulative, showing all grants regardless of date.

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Other communities within the vicinity of    

CommunityDistance (Kilometers)Bearing
Rosehill 1.25 270° W
Pitre Road 4.18 244° WSW
Kanes 4.18 244° WSW
Kinsale 4.47 34° NE
Legresley 4.47 146° SE
North Tetagouche 4.47 34° NE
Rio Grande 4.47 146° SE
Tetagouche North Side 4.47 34° NE
* Distances and bearings were calculated by using the latitude and longitude of the community.