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Fort Havoc (Wallace Hale)

Info The language of the text is the original used by Wallace Hale. Records acquired by the Provincial Archives are not translated from the language in which they originate.

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State of the late Corps of Pennsylvania Loyalists

The following 1785 document, included with a petition to Thomas Carleton, Governor of New Brunswick, for a Warrant of Survey of a grant of land to the disbanded officers and men of the Pennsylvania Loyalists, lists 48 men, (of whom 13 were absent from New Brunswick) 11 wives, 9 children, and 1 widow, for a total of 69, or, excluding the absentees, 56. Neither of these totals coincides with Wright's numbers on p. 248, Loyalists in New Brunswick.

Rank Mens Names Wives Children Places where
Lieut Col William Allen     In England
Major Francis Kearny     In England
Captn Thomas Stephens     At the Island of Abico
Captain Joseph Swift     United States — going to England
Lieutt George Hardin     Ireland
Ensign Stephen Potts     Shelburn
Lieutt Moses Holt     Quebec
Ensign —— Holt1     Quebec
Ensign —— Kearny2     New Jersey: United States
Quarr Mast Thomas Hart     Ireland
Chaplain Henry Addison     Maryland, U States
Surgeon John Cristall     Scotland
Captn Benjamin Boynton     England
Captain Thomas Colden 1   Present in New Brunswick
Lieutent Ross Currie           do
Lieutt Wm A. McMichael           do
Adjutt William Kean 1         do
Serjeant Arthur Conway     Present in New Brunswick
Serjeant William Grier 1 4  
Corporals Joseph Miles 1    
  Musco Wright 1 3  
  Thomas Cannum 1    
  William Fanjoy 1 1  
  David Harvey      
  Lewis Rafford      
  Richard Nevill      
Privates George McGlaskey      
  Edward Bailey      
  John Carroll      
  Michael Kean 1 1  
  John Maddox 1    
  Michael Lelentine      
  Solomon Wilds      
  Philip Oneil      
  John Richards      
  James Alcorn 1    
  Peter Cline      
  Edward Sullivan      
  Lawrence Taylor      
  Thomas Cosgrove      
  Michael Boyd      
  John Anderson      
  Charles McNellis      
  Jacob Thomas      
  Jonathan Roberts      
  John Miller 1    
  Michael McElhatton3      
  One Widow4      

[Undated document noted, "Recd 22d Feby 1785."]


1.   Ens. William I. Holt

2.   Ens. James Hude Kearney

3.   Listed elsewhere as Michael Hatton

4.   Listed elsewhere as "Widow Merarty." Name is possibly "Moriarty."