Provincial Archives of New Brunswick

Fort Havoc (Wallace Hale)

Info The language of the text is the original used by Wallace Hale. Records acquired by the Provincial Archives are not translated from the language in which they originate.

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List of Persons Attainted

of High Treason,

in Pursuance of the Laws

of the

State of Pennsylvania


  Adams, John
Adams, Jonathan
Adams, Susanna
Airey, John
Allen, Andrew
Allen, Isaac
Allen, James, surrendered and died
Allen, John, died before the day limited for the surrender
Allen, William, Junr.
Anderson, Stephen
Anderson, William
Andrews, William
Apfden, Matthias
Armstrong, Francis
Armstrong, William
Arnold, Benedict
Arthur, Peter
Ashbridge, Aaron, discharged by Sup. Court
Austin, William

Badge, Thomas
Balderstone, Mordecai
Bare, Abraham
Barrow, Samuel
Bartlett, John
Barton, Thomas, tried and acquitted
Bartram, Alexander
Bean, Jesse, tried and acquitted
Bell, Samuel, surrendered and discharged
Bell, William
Biddle, John
Biles, Samuel
Blackford, Martin
Boatman, George
Bolton, Joseph, tried and acquitted
Bond, Phineas
Booth, Benjamin
Boyer, Jacob
Braken, James
Bramhall, Thomas
Bray, John
Briggs, George, surrendered and discharged
Brooks, Boyer, surrendered and discharged
Brown, Benjamin, carpenter, surrendered and discharged
Brown, George
Brown, James
Brown, John, surrendered and discharged
Brown, William
Bryan, Joel, surrendered
Buckingham, John
Buffington, Jacob
Buffington, Joshua, tried and acquitted
Buffington, Richard
Bulla, John
Bulla, Thomas
Bullock, Isaac
Burd, John
Burge, David
Burk, Isaac
Burk, John
Burkett, John
Burnet, John, surrendered and discharged
Burns, George
Burns, Thomas
Burr, Hudson
Burrows, Samuel
Butcher, John

Cable, John, surrendered and discharged
Caldwell, William
Campbell, Arthur
Campbell, John
Campbell, Peter
Campbell, William
Canby, Joseph
Canby, Thomas
Carlisle, Abraham
Carver, Nathan
Chalmers, James
Chapman, Abraham
Chapman, Amos
Chapman, David
Chapman, Samuel, tried and acquitted
Chapter, Jacob
Chevalier, John, surrendered and discharged
Christy, William
Clark, Abraham, surrendered and discharged
Clark, John
Clark, William
Clifton, Alfred
Clifton, William, surrendered and discharged
Club, James
Coley, Robert, Junr.
Colston, John
Comely, Joseph
Compton, Wirnam, surrendered and discharged
Connor, Michael
Corbet, Alexander
Corker, William
Corry, Robert, surrendered and discharged
Couper, Robert
Coxe, Daniel
Craig, James, surrendered and discharged
Crickley, Michael
Crochson, Dennis
Croghan, George, surrendered and discharged
Cunard, Robert
Cunningham, John, surrendered and discharged
Curlain, William
Curry, Ross

Davis, Benjamin
Davis, George
Davis, James
Davis, William, tried and acquitted
Dawson, David
Delaplain, James, surrendered and discharged
De Long, James
Dennis, Henry
Dennis, John
Dennis, John
De Normandie, Andrew
De Normandie, William
Deshong, Peter, tried and acquitted
Doan, Joseph
Doble, Joseph
Dolston, Isaac
Dolston, Isaac, Junr.
Dolston, Matthew
Dove, Robert, surrendered and discharged
Duche, Jacob, Junr.
Dunn, George, surrendered and discharged
Dunn, George
Dunn, Malin
Dunn, William

Easton, Dennis
Eddy, Charles
Eddy, Thomas
Edwards, Joseph, surrendered and discharged
Effinger, Henry, Junr.
Elliott, Andrew
Elliot, Matthew
Elwood, John, tried, convicted and pardoned
Ensor, George
Erwin, Edward
Evans, Abel
Evans, Israel
Evans, Joel
Evans, John
Evans, William
Evans, William
Eve, Oswald

Fairlamb, Samuel
Falkenstone, Abraham
Falkenstone, Jacob
Featherly, Thomas
Fegan, Lawrence
Fell, William
Ferguson, Hugh Henry
Fields, Daniel
Fields, George
Fields, Gilbert
Fincher, Benjamin
Fisher, Coleman
Fisher, James, surrendered and discharged
Fleming, Law
Fouts, Christian
Fox, John
Fox, Joseph
Furner, Edward
Furner, Morris
Fursuer, Andrew

Galloway, Joseph
Garrigues, Samuel, the elder, tried and acquitted
Garrigues, Samuel, Junr., surrendered and discharged
Gibbs, Benjamin, surrendered and discharged
Gibson, Edward
Gill, Joseph
Gilmore, James
Girty, Simon
Givin, Hugh
Good, George
Gordon, Henry
Gordon, Thomas
Gorman, Enoch, surrendered and discharged
Gorman, James, surrendered and discharged
Gosling, John, surrendered and discharged
Green, Isaac, Junr.
Green, Thomas
Gregory, David
Gregson, James, tried and acquitted
Greswold, Joseph
Griffiths, Evan
Grissel, Edward, surrendered and discharged

Haines, Caleb
Hales, John
Hanlon, Edward
Hardy, Peter
Hare, Jacob
Hare, Michael
Harnet, James, tried and acquitted
Hart, Chambers, surrendered and discharged
Hart, John, surrendered and discharged
Hart, Samuel
Harvey, John
Harvey, Samuel
Hathe, Andrew, tried and acquitted
Henderson, John
Hendrickson, Jeremiah
Henry, William
Hicks, Gilbert
Hill, Henry
Hill, John, surrendered and discharged
Hill, Patrick
Holder, George
Holder, Jacob
Holder, John, tried and acquitted
Holtzinger, Ingelholt
Hook, Christian
Housecker, Nicholas
Hovendon, Richard
Howard, Peter, surrendered and discharged
Howell, John
Hughes, Thomas
Hughes, Uriah, surrendered and discharged
Humphries, James, Junr.
Humphreys, James, Senr., surrendered and discharged
Huntsman, John, tried and acquitted
Hurst, Timothy
Hutchinson, Isaac
Hutchinson, John
Hutchinson, Thomas
Hutchinson, Marmaduke

Inglis, James
Ink, John
Iredale, Abraham
Iredale, Robert, Junr.
Iredale, Thomas
Irwin, Alexander
Irwin, Dunning
Irwin, Francis

Jackson, John
James, Abel, surrendered and discharged
James, Benjamin
James, Daniel
James, Jacob
Jefferies, Samuel, surrendered and discharged
Johnston, John
Jones, Daniel
Jones, David, surrendered
Jones, Edward
Jones, Holton
Jones, Hugh
Jones, Jesse
Jones, Jonathan
Jounkin, Henry

Kearsly, John
Keen, Reynold, pardoned by Act of Assembly
Kennard, Joseph
Kennard, Joseph
Kennedy, William
Kennett, Levy
Kesselman, Frederick, surrendered and discharged
Kilby, Lawrence
King, Joseph
Kissack, Robert
Knapper, George
Knight, Isaac, surrendered and discharged
Knight, Joshua
Knight, John
Knight, Nicholas
Koster, John
Koster, Samuel
Kucker, Ludwick, surrendered and discharged

Land, John
Land, Robert
Lawson, James
Leveisly, Thomas, surrendered and discharged
Lewis, Curtis
Lightfoot, Thomas, surrendered and discharged
Linden, Hugh
Lindsey, Samuel
Lindy, Uriah
Lisle, Henry, surrendered and discharged
Lisle John, surrendered and discharged
Lisle, Robert, surrendered and discharged
Little, James
Long, Abraham
Loosley, Robert
Loughborough, John
Love, William

Mackinett, John
Mackness, Thomas
Madock, William
Malin, Elisha, pardoned
Malin, James, surrendered and acquitted
Malin, Joseph, surrendered and discharged
Marchenton, Phillip
Maris, David
Marr, Lawrence
Marshall, William, surrendered and discharged
Martin, Thomas
Masee, Henry, surrendered and discharged by the name of Henry Maag
McCart, John
McClarin, James
McCollough, Kenneth
McDonald Alexander
McHensie, Kenneth
McHugh, Matthew, surrendered and discharged
McKee, Alexander
McMichael, Edward
McMullan, James
McMutrie, William, surrendered and discharged
McNeal, Dominick
McPherson, William
Meng, Jacob, tried and acquitted
Meng, Melchoir, surrendered and discharged
Meredith, John
Michenor, Isaac
Miller, Benjamin, surrendered and acquitted
Miller, Peter, tried and acquitted
Millson, John
Moland, William, surrendered
Moran, Charles
Morgan, Moses
Morris, Enoch
Morris, William
Moulder, John
Musgrove, John
Myaer, Jacob, surrendered and discharged

Nixon, Robert

O'Kain, Darby
O'Kain, Hugh
Oswalt, Henry
Overholt, John

Palmer, John, surrendered and discharged
Palmer, Richard, surrendered and discharged
Park, Abijah
Parker, John
Parrock, John
Pastorious, Abraham
Patterson, John, surrendered and discharged
Perlie, Peter
Pike, John, surrendered and discharged
Piles, William
Poor, John, tried and acquitted
Potts, David, surrendered and discharged
Potts, John
Price, Peter
Price, William
Proctor, Joshua
Proctor, Joshua Pugh, Hugh
Pugh, James
Pyle, Caleb, surrendered and discharged

Rankin, James
Rankin, John
Rankin, William
Register, Daniel, surrendered and discharged
Reid, John
Reine, George
Reine, John
Rhoden, William
Richardson, Jacob, surrendered and discharged
Rickey, Alexander
Riddle, James, surrendered and discharged
Roberts, John
Roberts, John (laborer)
Roberts, John (smith)
Roberts, Nathan
Roberts, Owen
Robeson, John
Robeson, Jonathan, Junr.
Robeson, Peter, surrendered and discharged
Rodgers, John
Roker, Thomas
Romigh, Jacob
Ross, Alexander
Ross, Malcolm
Ross, William
Rundle, Daniel, surrendered and discharged
Russel, Matthew
Rymel, John

Sanderson, Francis, surrendered and discharged
Saur, Christopher, Junr.
Saur, Christopher, Senr.
Saur, Peter
Shaw, Jonathan
Shepherd, John
Shoemaker, Joseph, surrendered and discharged
Shoemaker, Samuel
Silkod, Thomas
Simpson, William
Sinclair, George
Skelton, William
Skyles, Henry
Skyles, Henry
Smith, Alexander
Smith, Andrew, surrendered and discharged
Smith, John
Smith, William, surrendered and discharged
Smith, William Drewett
Smither, James
Snyder, Peter
Spangler, George
Spering, John
Sproat, David
Stackhouse, John
Stackhouse, John
Stackhouse, John
Stackhouse, Robert
Stansbury, Joseph, surrendered and discharged
Staulks, Henry
Stedman, Alexander
Stedman, Charles, Junr.
Steininger, Henry
Stephens, James, tried and acquitted
Stephenson, James
Stiles, Edward, surrendered and discharged
Stillwell, John
Story, Enoch
Story, Thomas, surrendered and discharged
Stroud, William, surrendered and discharged
Styer, Stephen, surrendered and discharged
Styger, Stephen, surrendered and discharged
Supplee, Enoch
Supplee, John, surrendered and discharged; ignoramus bill
Sutter, Peter, surrendered and discharged
Sutton, Joseph
Swanwick, John
Swanwick, Richard
Swift, Joseph

Talbert, James
Talbot, John
Taylor, Isaac
Taylor, John
Taylor, John
Taylor, William
Taylor, William
Thomas, Arthur
Thomas, Arthur
Thomas, Evans
Thomas, Joseph
Thomas, Joshua
Thomas, Joshua
Thomas, William
Thomson, David
Tittly, Benjamin
Todd, Cortland
Tolly, John
Town, Benjamin
Trego, Jacob
Turner, John

Vaughan, John
Verner, Frederick
Vernon, Elias
Vernon, Gideon
Vernon, Nathaniel
Vernon, Nathaniel, Junr.
Voght, Christian

Walker, Isaac
Waln, James
Walton, Albinson
Warder, John
Warrel, James
Weitner, George
Welflang, Henry
Wertman, Philip George
West, William, Junr.
Weston, Richard
Wharton, Carpenter
Wharton, Isaac
White, Robert
Whitman, Michael
Willet, Walter
Williams, Daniel
William, Ephraim
Williams, William
Willis, William
Willis, Richard
Wilson, Christopher
Wilson, John
Wilson, John
Wood, Moses
Worrall, Isaiah
Worthington, Joseph
Wright, John
Wright, Jonathan
Wright, William

Yeldall, Anthony
Yeldall, Anthony
York, Thomas
Young, David
Young, John



I do certify to all whom it may concern, that the foregoing is a true copy of the Original, remaining on file, in the said Office. Witness my hand and seal the day and year aforesaid.

(Sgd.) T. M. Thompson, Sec'y.
Secretary's Office, Lancaster.
September 18th, 1802.