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Fort Havoc (Wallace Hale)

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Names and Former Places of Residence of these Gentlemen, who by the unhappy termination of the War, are obliged to leave their homes and seek an asylym in His Majesty's Province of Nova Scotia, to obtain which, they, by letter of the 22nd July 1782, addressed His Excellency Sir Guy Carleton, KB, General and Commander-in-Chief, &c., &c. Requesting a Recommendation to His Excellency, the Governor of Nova Scotia, for a Grant of Lands in that Province.1.


Former Residence
Addison, Reverend Henry Prince George, Maryland
Anderson, James Boston, Massachusetts Bay
Bannister, Thomas New Port, Rhode Island
Barrell, Colburn Boston, Massachusetts Bay
Bell, Andrew Somerset, New Jersey
Billopp, Christopher Richmond, New York
Blane, Thomas Westmorland, Virginia
Bowden, Reverend John New York
Camp, Abiather New Haven, Connecticut
Campbell, Colin Burlington, New Jersey
Campbell, William Worcester, Massachusetts Bay
Chaloner, Walter New Port, Rhode Island
Chandler, Nathaniel Worcester, Massachusetts Bay
Chandler, Rufus Worcester, Massachusetts Bay
Chipman, Ward Boston, Massachusetts Bay
Clarke, James New Port, Rhode Island
Coffin, Nathaniel Boston, Massachusetts Bay
Cortelyou, Aaron Richmond, New York
Crannell, Bartholomew Dutchess, New York
Davis, Benjamin Boston, Massachusetts Bay
Donaldson, Samuel Suffolk Town, Virginia
Fairlie, James Chesterfield, Virginia
Goldsbury, Samuel Suffolk, Massachusetts Bay
Henderson, Hugh Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Horsfield, Thomas Kings, New York
Inglis, Reverend Charles, D.D. New York
Knox, Thomas New York
Livingston, Philip John Dutchess, New York
Longworth, Isaac Essex, New Jersey
Lutwyche, Edward Gelston Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Mawdsley, John New Port, Rhode Island
Moore, John New York
Panton, Reverend George Trenton, New Jersey
Peters, Harry New York
Peters, James Orange, New York
Potts, John Pott's Grove, Pensylvania
Roome, John LeChevalier New York
Sayre, Reverend James Dutchess, New York
Sayre, Reverend John Fairfield, Connecticut
Seabury, David New York
Seaman, Benjamin Richmond, New York
Seaman, Richard Richmond, New York
Skinner, Stephen Middlesex, New Jersey
Smyth, John Middlesex, New Jersey
Stewart, Anthony Annapolis, Maryland
Taylor, George Monmouth, New Jersey
Taylor, Joseph Boston, Massachusetts Bay
Taylor, Joseph Trenton, New Jersey
Taylor, William Boston, Massachusetts Bay
Taylor, William Monmouth, New Jersey
Wanton, William New Port, Rhode Island
Watson, John New Port, Rhode Island
Wilkins, Isaac West Chester, New York
Willard, Abel Worcester, Massachusetts Bay
Willard, Abijah Worcester, Massachusetts Bay


1.   This paragraph was written by Sir Guy Carleton, Commander-in-Chief, and sent to Nova Scotia's Governor Parr with the names of the 55 petitioners appended. The 55 distinguished gentlemen had sought grants of 5,000 acre tracts in Nova Scotia for each of them, stating, "that the Settling such a Number of Loyalists, of the most respectable Characters, who have Constantly had great Influence in His Majesty's Dominions will be highly Advantageous in diffusing and supporting a Spirit of Attachment to the British Constitution as well as to His Majesty's Royal Person and Family."