Provincial Archives of New Brunswick

Fort Havoc (Wallace Hale)

Info The language of the text is the original used by Wallace Hale. Records acquired by the Provincial Archives are not translated from the language in which they originate.

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Shelburne, Nova Scotia, Loyalists


Compiled from a variety of sources, not all verified nor deemed reliable. Some of these individuals were refugees who had expressed an intention to settle at Shelburne. The last column notes, wherever possible, whether they:
Arrived - indicating arrival at Shelburne;
Settled - indicating settling, at least for a time, at Shelburne:
Settled Nova Scotia - removed to some other part of that province;
New Brunswick - indicating they, or an individual of matching name and vital data, settled in neighboring New Brunswick.


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Name Occupation,
Origin Family Servants Remarks
Ackland, Philip mariner Rhode Island 2 1 Settled
Adams, John PWAR   5   New Brunswick
Aikens, Samuel carpenter Virginia 5 1 Settled.
Aldsworth, Samuel gunsmith New York ? 2   Settled.
Allen, James carpenter   3   Died 1784 Shelburne.
Allen, Jeremiah Major, service unknown       Settled N.S.
Anderson, John, Sr. tailor New York 3 3 Settled
Anderson, Peter mariner       Arrived
Anderson, William farmer   3 2 Arrived
Arrants, Stephen bricklayer   5   Settled
Ashley, James         Arrived
Ashley, Joseph   Massachusetts     Settled
Ashley, William         Arrived
Auld, George         Arrived
Banta, Wiert gentleman Hackinsack, NJ     Settled
Barclay, Andrew bookbinder Boston, Mass. 8 5 Settled
Barlow, Joseph carpenter Pennsylvania 3   New Brunswick
Barlow, Thomas carpenter Pennsylvania 4   New Brunswick
Barr, John         Settled
Barry, Robert         Settled
Batt, Thomas         Settled
Baxter, Jonathan coachmaker Philadelphia     Settled
Baxter, Samuel mariner   3 5 Settled
Bazil, Richard merchant New York 2 1 Settled
Beattie, George merchant Boston, Mass. 6 3 Settled
Bennet, David bricklayer   2 1 Settled
Bierman, Andrew baker   1   Settled
Berry, Robert         Settled
Billington, John          
Black, Joseph     2   Arrived
Black, William cabinetmaker   2 1 Arrived
Blackwell, John farmer   4   Arrived
Bolton, Henry     8 1 Arrived
Bowlsby, Charles farmer New Jersey 3   Settled
Bowlsby, Edward farmer New Jersey   1 Arrived
Bowser, John     4 1 Arrived
Bradbyrne, Alexander     3   Arrived
Branston, William mariner New York 1 1 Arrived
Branthwaite, William merchant   3 1 Arrived
Bridgman, John farmer   6   New Brunswick
Broome, William          
Brown, Daniel     3   Arrived
Brown, John, Sr.          
Brown, John, Jr.          
Browne, Nicholas coachmaker Hartford, Conn. 8 2 Arrived
Browne, Samuel blacksmith     1 Settled Nova Scotia
Bruff, Charles Oliver silversmith Maryland 6 8 Settled
Burke, William fisherman   5   Arrived
Burnham, John         Settled Nova Scotia
Burton, William pump maker   4 2 Settled Nova Scotia
Butler, Samuel, Jr. carpenter       Arrived
Calder, Andrew          
Caldwell, William         Settled Nova Scotia
Cameron, Evan merchant New Jersey 7   Settled Nova Scotia
Cameron, William         Arrived
Campbell, Alexander tailor     2 Settled Cornwallis
Campbell, Archibald cooper   2 2 Arrived
Campbell, Dugald carpenter Albany, N.Y.   3 Died 1789
Campbell, George, Sr.     4 4 Died 1788.
Campbell, George, Jr.          
Campbell, John          
Capewell, John          
Carland, Patrick          
Carmichael, William          
Carroll, Daniel merchant   4 1 Arrived
Carson, William, Sr. merchant Virginia 4 1 Arrived
Carson, William, Jr. merchant Virginia     Arrived
Castle(s), William farmer Albany, N.Y.     Arrived
Chase, Ammi carpenter     1 Arrived
Cheese, John pilot New York 1 2 Arrived
Chetwynd, Thomas baker   3 2 Settled Nova Scotia
Chisholm, George farmer New York 2 1 Settled
Church, Charles   Massachusetts     Settled.
Clarke, Archibald merchant   4   Arrived
Clawson, John          
Clisby, John farmer   3 2 Arrived
Cock, James          
Cockene, Alexander mariner   1 3 Arrived
Compton, John farmer poss. New Jersey 6 1 Arrived. A John Compton settled New Brunswick
Connell, Robert tailor   1   Arrived
Connor, Christopher farmer   2 2 Arrived
Cooke, John         Arrived
Cooper, John          
Cord, Elisha       1 Arrived
Corrall, Lawrence         Arrived
Courtney, James tailor Boston, Mass. 2 7 Settled Nova Scotia
Courtney, Richard tailor Boston, Mass. 3 4 Settled Nova Scotia
Courtney, Thomas tailor Boston, Mass. 3 5 Settled Nova Scotia.
Cowan, Alexander          
Cowling, John brewer Virginia     Settled
Crawford, Margaret widow of James Boston, Mass. 2   Settled
Cruikshank, William          
Cullum, Arthur     6   Arrived
Cunard, Robert carpenter Pennsylvania 1   New Brunswick
Curren, Thomas tailor   4   Arrived
Curry, Alexander     1   Arrived
Curry, John        
Dare, William          
Davenport, Samuel merchant Westchester Co., N.Y.     Settled
Davidson, John carpenter New Hampshire 1 1 Settled Nova Scotia
Davis, John          
Dean, Hugh          
Delaney, Daniel          
Demill, John carpenter   1   New Brunswick
Dempsey, Roger         Arrived
Denham, Thomas trader Charleston, S.C. 2 2 Settled
Dibblee, Fyler lawyer Connecticut 6 2 New Brunswick
Dickinson, Nathaniel planter Massachusetts 1 3 Arrived. One of the name settled in New Brunswick.
Dodds, Robert mariner New York 1 2 Arrived
Dogharty, Hugh          
Dole, James saw miller Albany, N.Y. 6 6 Settled
Dolphid, John          
Donaldson, Alexander     1   Arrived
Dorney, Luke farmer   2   Arrived
Dove, Abraham   New York     Died 1803.
Dove, Alexander bookbinder       Died 1799.
Dove, James merchant   ?   Died 1824.
Duncan, George          
Duncan, Thomas          
Dundas, George          
Durfee, Joseph merchant Norfolk, R.I. 7 6 Died 21 March, 1801.
Durfee, Robert farmer Rhode Island   1 Arrived
Easton, Robert       5 Died 1784.
Edmonds, John merchant New York     Arrived
Ellis, James carpenter     1 Arrived
Elvins, Henry farmer   1 2 Died 1788.
English, Joseph carpenter Pennsylvania 2 1 Settled Nova Scotia
Enslow, Isaac G.     3 3 Settled
Ensor, George   Pennsylvania 4   Died 1805.
Fairley, Alexander          
Farlin, Alexander lawyer   7   Arrived
Ferguson, James farmer   5 2 Arrived
Ferguson, James carpenter       Arrived
Ferguson, John     3   Arrived
Finley, Jonathan tallow chandler   8   Arrived
Fitzpatrick, John carpenter     1 Arrived
Florantine, Thomas farmer       Settled Nova Scotia
Foster, William          
Fountain, John         Later to New Brunswick
Fox, Robert farmer   3 2 Arrived
Fraser, Alexander farmer   1 2 Settled
Fraser, Rev. Hugh         Arrived
Fraser, Hugh farmer   1 1 Arrived
Fraser, Simon       1 Settled Nova Scotia
Frazer, Alexander farmer     2 Arrived
Frazer, Daniel farmer   2 1 Arrived
Frazer, James shoemaker Rahway, N.J. 3 1 Settled
Fraser, John         Died 1840
Full, Thomas pilot Boston, Mass.     Settled
Gamage, James trader Boston, Mass. 2 4 Arrived
Gammil, Matthew     1 3 Arrived
Gardner, John mariner   2 2 Arrived
Gautier, James     1 2 Arrived
Gibson, William     3 2 Arrived
Gidney, Joseph   New York ?   Settled Nova Scotia
Gidney, Joshua   New York 5   New Brunswick
Glinn, Hugh carpenter   1   Arrived
Goddard, Henry          
Goddard, Job mariner       Arrived
Goddard, John carpenter       Arrived
Gold, Thomas         Settled Nova Scotia.
Goodman, Isaac merchant   3 2 Arrived
Goody, John mariner New York     Arrived
Gordon, Alexander labourer   1 1 Arrived
Goswell, George mariner   5 1 Arrived
Graham, John farmer South Carolina 4 2 Arrived
Graham, William     1   Arrived
Grandine, Daniel farmer     2 Arrived
Grant, Gregory         Settled Nova Scotia
Grant, Peter, Sr.     4 2 Arrived
Grant, Peter, Jr.     2   Settled Nova Scotia
Grasman, Caspar farmer   2   Arrived
Grass, Michael saddler New York ? 8   Arrived
Gray, Isaac farmer Pennsylvania     Arrived
Gray, Jesse   South Carolina     Settled Nova Scotia
Gray, Peter     1   Arrived
Greaves, Thomas farmer   2   Arrived
Green, Edward cordwainer Rhode Island 3 4 Arrived
Griffin, James farmer       Arrived
Grovenor, Benjamin farmer   4 2 Arrived
Guest, Henry          
Guyon, Peter   New York 5 1 Settled
Hale, William       3 Arrived
Hales, John   Philadelphia 4 ?   Settled Nova Scotia
Hall, Isaac carpenter   6 3 Arrived
Handy, Rufus     8   Arrived
Handy, Rufus, Jr. mariner       Arrived
Hannay, Nathaniel millwright   3 1 Arrived
Hanney, Edward tailor   4   Arrived
Hanney, William carpenter   1 2 Arrived
Harding, George carpenter Pennsylvania 5 ?   Settled
Harding, Jasper   Pennsylvania     Brother of George.
Harding, Joseph tailor   4   Arrived
Harding, Richard   Pennsylvania     Brother of George
Harding, Robert   Philadelphia 1 1 Drowned 1785. Brother of George.
Hargraves, William trader Virginia     Arrived
Harper, William     4 2 Arrived
Harris, Daniel          
Harrison, Samuel farmer   8   Arrived
Harrison, Thomas tailor   4 1 Arrived
Hart, Charles     2 3 Arrived
Hartley, Thomas     1 3 Arrived
Haskin, John bricklayer   1 2 Arrived
Hayes, John   New York 3   Settled
Hayes, William   New York 6   Settled
Hazard (Hassard),Thomas gentleman South Kingston, R.I. 8 4 Arrived
Heffernan, John     2 1 Arrived
Hemeon, Adam   New Jersey 10   Arrived
Hemeon, George   New Jersey ?   Arrived
Hemeon, Henry   New Jersey 5   Arrived
Hemeon, Philip   New Jersey ?   Died 1837
Hill, Joshua   Delaware 7 2 Arrived
Hill, William baker New York 9 6 Arrived
Hislop (Hyslop), John carpenter   2   Arrived
Hodgkinson, Henry     1 1 Arrived
Hodgson, Thomas carpenter   2 1 Arrived
Holden, James, Jr. cooper   1 1 Settled
Holderness, William          
Houston, Alexander merchant Norfolk, Va.     Settled
Houston, John     3 1 Arrived
Hubbard, Adam   New York ?   Died 1784
Hughes, Owen carpenter       Arrived
Hughes, William     4   Arrived
Humberstone, Samuel     3 4 Arrived. Appears removed to Canada
Hunt, Enoch farmer Westchester Co., N.Y. 1 4 Settled Nova Scotia
Huston, Robert   Pennsylvania ?   Settled Nova Scotia
Hutchinson, Matthew     ?   Died soon.
Jackson, William         Arrived
James, Frank mariner       Died 1809
Jenkinson, James     5 1 Arrived
Johnson, George   New Jersey     Settled
Johnson, Harmon   New Jersey     Arrived
Johnson, John merchant New York     Arrived
Johnson, John   Philadelphia 0   Arrived
Johnson, William   New York or Connecticut 0   Settled Nova Scotia
Johnston. John grocer New Jersey   3 Arrived
Johnston, William mariner   3   Arrived
Jolly, Richard          
Kennedy, Dennis     3 1 Arrived
Kenney, John farmer   5   Arrived
Kingston, John goldsmith New York 2   Arrived
Knapp, David carpenter Greenwich, Conn.   2 Settled
Knox, Henry Edward         Settled
Lamey, Michael carpenter   3   Arrived
Laurence, Thomas          
Lawler, Dennis          
Lear, Jesse     3 2 Arrived
Leighton, John     3   Arrived
Lennox, Peter     4 2 Settled Nova Scotia
Lent, Abraham   New York     Returned to U.S.
Lent, James   New York     Settled Nova Scotia
Leslie, James carpenter   1 1 Settled
Little, Peabody          
Littlewood, James          
Lockwood, Amos carpenter   1 1 Arrived
Lodge, James     11 2 Arrived
Loosely, Charles innkeeper New York     Arrived
Loring, Benjamin surgeon Massachusette 5 1 Returned to U.S.
Lovell, John farmer   1 1 Arrived
Lowe, George     1 3 Arrived
Lowey, James carpenter   2 2 Arrived
Lownds, John mariner Virginia 2 6 Arrived
Lynch, Peter hatter Boston, Mass. 5 8 Settled
Lyon, Charles planter Virginia 1 3 Arrived
Mahon, Timothy   Philadelphia, Pa. 1 2 Settled
Malcolm, Michael   New York 3   Settled
Mallery, Caleb     2 1 Arrived
Mann, Samuel   New Jersey     Settled Nova Scotia
Marchant, Jesse tailor   2   Arrived
Marston, Thomas          
Maxwell, David tailor   5   Arrived
Mellows, David H. trader New York      
Mellows, David, Jr.   New York     Married 1778 New York.
Menzies, John tailor New York 4   Arrived. Poss. died in New Brunswick.
Meyers (Myers), Frederick   New York 5 3 Arrived
Meyers (Myers), Jeremiah farmer   5   Arrived
Meyers (Myers), John George   New Jersey   3 Arrived
Miller, James trader Virginia 6 1 Arrived
Miller, John   New Jersey ?   2 Settled
Millidge, Stephen Ens. 2nd NJV New Jersey   1 New Brunswick
Moffat, James Lieut. Volunteers of Ireland Rhode Island 4 2 Arrived
Moffat, Robert          
Moody, William mariner New York 1 3 Arrived
Moore, James          
Moore, Robert          
Moore, Thomas farmer   2   Arrived
Morgan, Caleb          
Mosley, George sawyer   4   Arrived
Muir, James   New York 2   Settled
Mullin(s), Thomas blacksmith Massachusetts 3 2 Arrived. New Brunswick
Munro, Daniel carpenter New York 5   Arrived
Munro, Nathaniel carpenter   6   Arrived
Murchey, William   New York 2   Arrived
Murphy, Luke     3   Arrived
Murray, Alexander trader Virginia 2 3 Settled
Murray, James harness maker   4 1 Arrived
Murray, William farmer   6   Arrived
Musgrave, Bartholomew     4   Settled Nova Scotia
McAlpine, Donald dancing master   3   Arrived
McAlpine, John carpenter   1   Arrived
McAlpine, John farmer   1 2 Arrived
MacBeath, Archibald carpenter   4 1 Arrived
McCrea, William blacksmith   3 1 Arrived
McCrummin, Donald gentleman North Carolina 5 4 Arrived
McCulloch, Robert     2 1 Arrived
McDonald, Donald          
McDonald, Neil          
McDonald, Robert          
McDonald, Ronald mariner New York 2 2 Arrived
McDonald, Soirle Lieut. British Legion Infantry North Carolina 2 4 Arrived
McEwan, James   Boston, Mass.     Settled
McEwan, John merchant New York ? 1 Settled
McEwan, William          
McGhee, John          
McIntire, Donald          
McIntire (McIntyre), John merchant New York 4 7 Arrived
McIntire (McIntyre), Ronald carpenter   2 1 Arrived
McKay, Alexander mariner Pennsylvania 1 2 Arrived
McKay, George ship owner   3 2 Arrived
McKenna, Gilbert     ?   Settled
McKenzie, Alexander     1 2 Arrived
McKenzie, William farmer New York 4 1 Arrived
McKerlie, John          
MacKie, John          
McKinley, Colin          
McKinnon, Duncan labourer       Arrived
McLean, Alexander          
McLeod, Donald          
McLeod, John          
McLeod, William carpenter New Jersey 5 1 Arrived
McLinden, John mariner New Jersey     Arrived
McMaster, James merchant New Hampshire   3 Arrived
McMillan, Hugh merchant   2   Arrived
McNeil, John carpenter Virginia 3 1 Arrived
McPhail, John merchant New York ?   Settled
McWaters, Thomas   Philadelphia, Pa. 3   Arrived
Nelson, Anthony          
Nesbitt, Archibald          
Nichols, John   Rhode Island 4 2 Arrived
Nicholson, Neil          
Nicholson, Peter          
Nowland, Richard          
Nutter, Valentine bookseller New York 3 4 Arrived
O'Neil, John Sr.          
O'Neil, John, Jr.          
Owen, William carpenter Philadelphia, Pa.     Arrived
Pack, Benjamin tailor       Arrived
Pack, John tailor   5 3 Arrived
Palmer, Alpheus   Westchester Co., N. Y.   8 Arrived
Palmer, Lewis farmer Cortlandt Manor, N.Y. 6 2 Arrived
Parker, Joshua carpenter     2 Arrived
Parker, Peter mariner Philadelphia, Pa. 5 3 Arrived
Pashley, George tailor Boston, Mass. 2 3 Arrived
Patten, George   Massachusetts 3 4 Arrived
Peck, Thomas          
Peck, William          
Pell, Joshua, Sr. farmer Westchester Co., N.Y. 9 4 Arrived
Penny, Richard          
Perry, Samuel, Sr.     9   Settled.
Perry, Samuel, Jr.          
Perry, Silas       1 Arrived
Perry, Thomas   Massachusetts 4 1 Arrived
Phillips, David     3 1 Arrived
Phillips, John mariner New York 7 1 Arrived
Pinkstone, Flemming doctor ? Georgia   2 Arrived
Pitcher, Moses glazier Boston, Mass. 6 2 Arrived
Porter, David carpenter New York   1 Arrived
Potter, James cutler   7 2 Arrived
Potts, Christopher          
Power, Thomas mariner   2   Arrived
Prescott, Joseph glazier       Arrived
Prout, Timothy   Boston, Mass. 4   Arrived
Pryor, James mariner   1 1 Arrived
Pynchon, Joseph   Connecticut 3 3 Settled
Rand, Nathaniel   Connecticut 2   Arrived
Randall, William barber Philadelphia 4   Arrived
Rankin, William   Portsmouth, Va. 5 1 Arrived
Rath, James   Philadelphia, Pa. 2   Arrived
Reid, Alexander   Pennsylvania   3 Arrived
Reid, Colin   New York 2 2 Arrived
Reilly, Patrick   Pennsylvania     Arrived
Richards, Charles     4   Arrived
Richards, Iram I.     1 3 Arrived
Rigby, William   New York 1 ?   Arrived
Risteen, Joseph wheelwright Pennsylvania     New Brunswick
Rivers, John merchant       Arrived
Robertson, Alexander   Pennsylvania      
Robertson, Alexander   Norwich, Conn. 3 2 Settled
Robertson, James   Norwich, Conn.     Arrived
Robinson, Anthony          
Robinson, Peter merchant   2 2 Arrived
Robinson, William     1 2 Arrived
Rose, James     5   Arrived
Rose, James wig maker Virginia 2 1 Arrived
Rose, William   Albany, N.Y. 2 1 Arrived
Ross, Andrew   New York     Arrived
Ross, Donald          
Ross, William shoemaker Philadelphia, Pa.     Arrived
Rowlands, Thomas          
Russell, Edmund tailor       Arrived
Ryan, Cornelius     1 4 Arrived
Scott, George   Maryland 2   Arrived
Shakespeare, Stephen     1 12 Arrived
Sharpe, Joseph       1 Arrived
Sharpe, Samuel     5 2 Arrived
Shaw, Thomas   New York 1   Settled Nova Scotia
Simm, David   New York 3   Arrived
Sinclair, John     2   Arrived
Singleton, George labourer Philadelphia 4   Arrived
Sloane, John carpenter New York ?   Arrived
Smart, John     7 5 Arrived
Smith, Benjamin farmer   1   Arrived
Smith, Caleb          
Smith, Ephraim     2 2 Arrived
Smith, George carpenter New Jersey     Arrived
Smith, Whitford       2 Arrived
Smither (Smyther), James engraver Philadelphia 10 2 Arrived
Somner, Thomas farmer   9   Arrived
Sparewater, Peter          
Sparling, Peter William   New York 7   Settled Nova Scotia
Speed(e), Paul farmer   4 2 Arrived
Spencer, John farmer New Haven, Conn. 3   Arrived
Sprinks, James     4 1 Arrived
Stacey, Matthew   New Jersey 2 1 Arrived
Stackhouse, John   Pennsylvania     Arrived
Stanton, John   Rhode Island   5 Arrived
Stanton, Latham or Lathrop   Rhode Island     Arrived
Start, Moses          
Stembock, Thomas farmer       Arrived
Stewart, Peter farmer   1   Arrived
Stuart, John   New Jersey 8   Arrived
Stuart, Thomas Lieut. ? New Jersey 1 1 Arrived
Styman, Jacob          
Sutherland, William farmer Albany, N.Y. 1   Arrived
Tackway (Takway), John     2 2 Arrived
Taylor, Ann          
Taylor, John Captain, 1st NJV       Settled Nova Scotia
Tench, John merchant   2 2 Arrived
Thatcher, Abel       1 Arrived
Thomas, James          
Thomas, Nathaniel Ray merchant Boston, Mass   2 Settled Nova Scotia
Thomas, Richard glazier Rhode Island 1 1 Settled Nova Scotia
Thompson, James   New York ?   Arrived
Thomson, David, Sr. stonecutter Philadelphia, Pa. 4 5 Arrived
Thomson, David, Jr.   Philadelphia, Pa.     Arrived
Thomson, John mason   ?   Arrived
Thomson, Robert carpenter   ?   Arrived
Tonson, Harmon          
Tolbert, John   Philadelphia, Pa. ? 1 Arrived
Trelone, Bennett     1 2 Arrived
Tribe, William   New York 3 1 Arrived
Turnbull, Robert lawyer Albany, N.Y. ?   Arrived
Turnbull, Thomas merchant   1   Arrived
Turner, John merchant Philadelphia, Pa. 5 2 Arrived
Turrell (Tyrell ?), John          
Ure, John          
Vail, Nathaniel millwright New Jersey 7   Arrived
Vail, Nathaniel, Jr. carpenter New Jersey   1 Arrived
Vail, Robert carpenter New Jersey   1 Arrived
Vassey, Joseph lawyer   1   Arrived
Wade, John          
Wade, Samuel blacksmith   3 4 Arrived
Walker, John liquor retailler New York 2   Arrived
Walker, Richard          
Wall, George   New Jersey 5 1 Arrived
Walsh, Joseph painter Massachusetts      
Ward, Edmond merchant New York   1 Arrived
Ward, Ira   Connecticut ? 1 Arrived
Watson, Andrew ship master Virginia     Settled Nova Scotia
Watson, George          
Watson, John   Plymouth, Mass. 5 4 Arrived
Watts, John     3 2 Arrived
Webster, John          
Weir, John         Son of Thomas Weir
Weir, Thomas merchant North Carolina ?   Died 1784
Wells, George          
Wetton, Richard mariner   2 2 Arrived
White, Amos tailor Pennsylvania 5   Arrived
White, Charles   New York     ?
White, David          
White, Duncan     1 1 Arrived
White, Gideon trader Plymouth, Mass. 4 3 Settled
White, James   South Carolina 4 3 Arrived
White, Richard   Connecticut 3 5 Arrived
Whiting, Thomas   New York 5 3 Arrived
Wilkins, Robert merchant Massachusetts 4 3 Arrived
Williams, Daniel     2   Arrived
Williams, John, Sr.   New Jersey ? 6   Arrived
Williams, John, Jr.         Arrived
Williams, Richard   Connecticut     Arrived
Williams, Samuel          
Williamson, Richard          
Wilson, David merchant New York 2 2 Died 1808
Wilson, James     2   Arrived
Wilson, John seaman New York 3 1 Arrived
Wilson, William          
Winslow, Pelham attorney Plymouth, Mass. 3 2 Died New York, 1783.
Wood, Benjamin merchant Charleston, S.C. ?   Arrived
Wright, Daniel merchant Boston, Mass. 1 2 Arrived
Yule, James   New Jersey     ?