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New Brunswick During World War II

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This New Brunswick At War exhibit was associated with a larger Canada Remembers project of the Canada Department of Veterans Affairs to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the end of World War II. Its main purposes are:

  • to commemorate those who fought and died on land, at sea and in the air,
  • to remember the men, women and children who rallied to support Canada's war effort in the home, school and factory,
  • to create a renewed understanding among all Canadians of the causes and consequences of war.

The story line was developed around the contributions of New Brunswickers both on the home front and in the war zones. A short written account of New Brunswick at War as well as a short bibliography for further reading follows:

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The Provincial Archives of New Brunswick gratefully acknowledges all those who helped produce this exhibit.

Paul Burden
Fredericton, NB
Mrs. A. E. Hale
Fredericton, NB
David McCormack
Fredericton, NB
Marcel Ricard
c/o Military Museum
CFB Gagetown
Oromocto, NB
Pat Cain
Fredericton, NB
Margaret Hamilton
Fredericton, NB
Donald A. Middlemiss
Fredericton, NB
Bill Robertson
Fredericton, NB
Robert Constable
Fredericton, NB
Leida Holland
Arts Branch
Municipalities, Culture, and Housing
Barbara Mills
Fredericton, NB
Leslie and Pearl Sears
Fredericton, NB
Mary Flagg
Harriet Irving Library
UNB, Fredericton
Art Jewett
Fredericton, NB
New Brunswick Command,
Royal Canadian Legion
Bill Thorpe
Fredericton, NB
Franklin Gilmore
Fredericton, NB
Gerry Johnson
Mineral Developement Branch,  DNRE
Brenda Orr
Moncton Museum
Walter Thorpe
White Rock, BC
Fredericton Foundation,
Fredericton, NB
Mr. Justice Rodman E. Logan,
Saint John, NB
Mary Biggar Peck
Ottawa, ON and
Deer Island, NB
Cynthia Wallace-Casey
National Exhibition Center,
Fredericton, NB
Military Museum
CFB Gagetown,
Oromocto, NB