The admission records of the Sai

The admission records of the Saint John Almshouse provide insight into the challenges facing New Brunswick as a result of the waves of immigration experienced in the nineteenth century. Established to accommodate the overflow of poor emigrants in the Province, these facilities and the individuals admitted to them, met with significant challenges. Conditions were poor and those admitted were poorer still. These records testify to this, providing a wealth of sociological and genealogical information. The records contained in the St. John [sic] City Almshouse Admission Registers from 1843-1897 (MC249/MS1) and the Saint John Almshouse Admission Registers, 1843-1884 (MC2700/MS2/A) for individuals admitted to the Alms and Work House, the Emigrant Infirmary, and the St. John Emigrant Orphan Asylum are now available for viewing through searching or browsing a name index.

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