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Due to the varying literacy levels of those recording the information contained in the Almshouse records, and the language and accent barriers between residents and record keepers, inconsistencies in spelling frequently appear in the Almshouse records. Inconsistencies also exist in the way in which individuals appear in the records over the course time. For example an inmate recorded on first admission as “Mary Ann Murphy” might appear in subsequent references as “Mary Murphy”, “May Murphy”, “Mamie Murphy” or even “Ann” or “Annie Murphy”. Repetitions also exist due to re-admission of individuals, individuals who were “transferred” in the record book at the end of a year (they remained in the Almshouse), or individuals who were recorded in more than one of the institutions encompassed by the database.

Within the original records the surname and given name were recorded in one field, in the following format: “Firstname Lastname.” This field has been divided into two fields, Surname and Given Names to improve the functionality of the database for users.

Surname Typically records individual’s last name. However, “unknown” may appear. No attempt has been made to correct discrepancies in the original caused by human error or illegible and phonetic spelling.

Given names Typically records individual’s first name. However, “unknown” may appear. No attempt has been made to correct discrepancies in the original caused by human error or illegible and phonetic spelling.

Titles and descriptors Mr, Mrs, Jr, Widow, etc, have been entered within the Given Names field within brackets. Example: McDevitt, Martha (Mrs). In cases where a title is provided but a Given Name is not the title takes its place. (Example: McDevitt, Mrs.)

For information specific to the records, the fields involved, and the methods undertaken to present them be sure to read the resources available under “About the records.”

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275 records found for D

Dailey Dehagar Dillen Donnally Dudigan
Daily Dehager Dillon Donnell Duesl
Dale Delancy Dimond Donnelly Duff
Daley Delaney Dimpsey Donnely Duffey
Dallison Delann Dinan Donnolly Duffield
Dallon Delany Dingley Donnovan Duffy
Dalton Delay Dingly Donoghue Dugan
Daly Delong Dinnean Donohoe Duggan
Damary Demara Dinneen Donohoue Duig
Damery Demery Dinsmore Donohue Duiron
Damon Demond Diveny Donoldson Duke
Dancan Dempsey Diver Donovan Dukeshire
Danico Dempsy Divers Doolan Dulickan
Danley Demster Divine Dooler Dumphy
Dannells Denaco Dixen Dooley Dun
Danson Denish Dixon Dooly Dunahue
Darby Denner Dobbin Doran Dunane
Darrah Dennis Dobson Dorgan Dunavan
Daury Dennison Dogerty Dorin Dunbar
Davenport Densmere Dogharty Dormady Dunbeary
Davey Derban Dogherty Dormandy Dunbury
David Derbin Dohert Dorry Duncan
Davidson Deresl Doherty Doryherty Dunham
Davie Derest Dohey Dougan Dunion
Davin Desmond Dolan Dougherty Dunlap
Davis Desmonds Dollard Douglas Dunleavey
Davy Devaley Domis Douglass Dunleavy
Daw Devall Donacoe Doulan Dunlevey
Dawson Devally Donaghoe Doulton Dunlevy
Day Devaly Donaghoue Douris Dunlop
De Ormond Devaney Donaghue Dowd Dunn
Deadham Devany Donaheu Dowds Dunnan
Deady Deveney Donahew Dowling Dunnane
Deagan Dever Donahey Downes Dunnegan
Deal Devere Donahoe Downey Dunneon
Dealey Devine Donahoue Downie Dunphy
Dealy Devitt Donahue Downing Dunston
Dean Devlin Donahugh Downs Dunstone
Dearness Devoe Donahy Downy Dunyean
Deary Dewier Donald Doyle Durar
Deasy Dewire Donaldson Drescool Durbin
Deavere Dewyer Donaley Dresoll Durkin
Deavey Dey Donallen Drew Durlen
Deavis Diamon Donally Driscol Durnean
Deavy Diamond Donane Driscole Durnian
Debale Dibble Donavan Driscoll Durnion
Debois Dibblee Donavon Driskil Durnyan
Dedham Dick Donell Dross Durnyean
Dee Dickson Donelly Drough Duross
Deenan Dicky Donevan Drought Dustin
Deeny Diggs Dongan Drummie Dwire
Deerin Dignam Donivan Drummond Dwyer
Deering Dignan Donley Drummy Dyer
Deforest Dignum Donly Drury Dymond
Degraces Dillan Donnaghoue Dudican Dysart