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Due to the varying literacy levels of those recording the information contained in the Almshouse records, and the language and accent barriers between residents and record keepers, inconsistencies in spelling frequently appear in the Almshouse records. Inconsistencies also exist in the way in which individuals appear in the records over the course time. For example an inmate recorded on first admission as “Mary Ann Murphy” might appear in subsequent references as “Mary Murphy”, “May Murphy”, “Mamie Murphy” or even “Ann” or “Annie Murphy”. Repetitions also exist due to re-admission of individuals, individuals who were “transferred” in the record book at the end of a year (they remained in the Almshouse), or individuals who were recorded in more than one of the institutions encompassed by the database.

Within the original records the surname and given name were recorded in one field, in the following format: “Firstname Lastname.” This field has been divided into two fields, Surname and Given Names to improve the functionality of the database for users.

Surname Typically records individual’s last name. However, “unknown” may appear. No attempt has been made to correct discrepancies in the original caused by human error or illegible and phonetic spelling.

Given names Typically records individual’s first name. However, “unknown” may appear. No attempt has been made to correct discrepancies in the original caused by human error or illegible and phonetic spelling.

Titles and descriptors Mr, Mrs, Jr, Widow, etc, have been entered within the Given Names field within brackets. Example: McDevitt, Martha (Mrs). In cases where a title is provided but a Given Name is not the title takes its place. (Example: McDevitt, Mrs.)

For information specific to the records, the fields involved, and the methods undertaken to present them be sure to read the resources available under “About the records.”

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761 records found for M

Mabee McArron McEvoy McKee Metheral
Macdonald McArthur McEwe McKeegan Metherall
MacIntosh McArthy McEwen McKeig Middleton
Mack McArtney McFadden McKellar Midnight
MacKenzie McArty McFaddin McKeller Mier
Mackey McAuelly McFade McKelvey Milan
MacMullen McAulay McFadyan McKendra Miland
MacPherson McAuley McFadyen McKendrick Milberry
Macshane McAuly McFale McKenna Miles
Macwell McAuslin McFall McKenny Millar
Madden McAvay McFalls McKenzie Millegan
Maddin McAveley McFann McKeoen Millen
Maddison McAvelly McFarlane McKeon Miller
Maddox McAvely McFee McKeowen Millican
Maden McAverly McFrederick McKeown Milligan
Madicks McAviety McGachey McKever Millin
Madock McAviskin McGachie McKewen Millner
Madocks McAvitty McGachy McKewin Mills
Magarragin McAvity McGaghy McKilline Milne
Magee McAvoy McGahay McKilvey Milner
Maghar McBay McGahey McKim Milroy
Magivern McBeath McGallen McKinney Milton
Maglone McBemore McGaloon McKinstrey Minehan
Magloun McBernie McGara McKinstry Minnehan
Magowan McBeth McGarahan McKiverskin Minney
Maguigan McBey McGaray McKlintic Minnihan
Maguinas McBirney McGarigle McKnight Minnis
Maguire McBride McGarrahan McKoy Minto
Mahaney McBrine McGarrety McLafferty Mires
Mahany McBurney McGarrigle McLaren Miskeep
Mahar McBurnie McGarrity McLarren Mitchel
Maher McCabe McGarvan McLauclan Mitchell
Mahon McCafferty McGary McLaughan Mitchells
Mahoney McCaffry McGaughay McLaughlan Mitten
Mahony McCahil McGaughey McLaughlin Mockler
Maier McCahy McGaughy McLauglan Moffat
Mailan McCail McGaveran McLauglin Moffit
Mailon McCain McGavern McLean Mohan
Mails McCallan McGaveron McLellan Molley
Main McCallen McGavigan McLene Molloy
Maine McCallim McGavison McLeod Molonay
Mainer McCallum McGavron McLoon Moloney
Malady McCam McGeadry McLoughlan Monaghan
Malanson McCaney McGeah McLure Monaghon
Malcolm McCann McGean McLynch Monahan
Maldon McCannie McGeary McMackin Monahen
Maleady McCardele McGee McMahon Monch
Maley McCardell McGeorge McMann Monday
Malin McCarney McGerry McMannin Monehan
Malloy McCarren McGeterick McManus Monihen
Malone McCarrick McGetrick McMath Monk
Maloney McCarron McGhee McMenamen Monoghen
Malony McCarthy McGibon McMennamin Monohan
Malowney McCartney McGilheny McMerriman Monroe
Maloy McCartny McGill McMichael Monteath
Mandevell McCarty McGillin McMillan Monteith
Mandeville McCasker McGilly McMinn Montgomery
Mandivell McCaslin McGilvary McMonagle Moodie
Mandville McCastlin McGilvery McMonegal Moody
Mandwell McCaughel McGin McMonogh Mooer
Manen McCaul McGiniss McMorris Moohan
Mangan McCaulay McGinlay McMorrow Moohen
Mangen McCauley McGinley McMullan Moon
Mangin McCauly McGinn McMullen Mooney
Mangun McCausland McGinnes McMullin Moor
Manion McCavaskin McGinness McMurphy Moore
Mank McCaver McGinnis McMurray Morall
Manks McCaverly McGinty McNalley Moran
Manley McChristate McGirl McNally Morarty
Manly McClafferty McGirr McNamara Morehead
Mann McClain McGiver McName Moreley
Mannen McClean McGivern McNamee Morfit
Manning McClellan McGlade McNarrie Morgan
Manogue McClelland McGlinche McNaught Morill
Mantel McClency McGlinchey McNaughten Morin
Mantle McCleve McGlinchy McNaughton Morison
Manweel McClinche McGlinn McNaugton Morissy
Manwell McClintock McGloan McNeal Morley
Manx McCloskey McGloin McNealy Morr
Manyin McClosky McGlone McNeely Morrell
Manzer McClure McGloun McNeil Morrill
March McClusky McGlour McNeill Morrin
Marks McCoan McGlowen McNerlin Morris
Markson McCoart McGlown McNevlin Morrisay
Marney McCoen McGlynn McNulty Morrisey
Marr McColeough McGolderic McNutt Morrison
Marra McColgan McGolderick McPartland Morrisy
Marray McColgin McGoldick McPeak Morrow
Marsh McColiff McGoldrick McPhee Morrows
Marshall McColl McGolrick McPherson Morton
Marshell McColliff McGonagle McQuade Morvelly
Marsters McCollough McGonigale McQuaid Mosely
Marti McColough McGonigle McQueon Mosher
Martin McConahy McGonnigle McQuinney Moshier
Martinson McCone McGoorty McQuist Moulden
Maryan McConnack McGorran McRae Moyce
Maryen McConnahy McGorre McRay Moyes
Maryin McConnel McGorrel McShane Muir
Maskel McConnell McGougan McSharrey Muirhead
Maskell McConomy McGoulrick McSharry Mulally
Maskill McCook McGoveren McShay Mulcahie
Mason McCord McGovern McShea Mulcahy
Masson McCormack McGovren McSheffey Mulderg
Mastin McCormick McGowan McSheffrey Muldoon
Mathews McCosker McGowen McSorly Mulheran
Mathewson McCoughel McGrane McSweeny Mulherin
Mathieson McCourt McGrath McVail Mulherran
Matthews McCoy McGraugh McVane Mulherrin
Matthieson McCracken McGraw McVay Mulholland
Mattock McCrackin McGrory McVey Mulkerrin
Mattocks McCrane McGuigan McVicar Mullagan
Maugen McCready McGuin McVicker Mullaly
Maulty McCrink McGuiness McVictar Mullen
Maurice McCristal McGuiniss McVitty Muller
Maxwell McCrystal McGuinn McVity Mullholland
May McCue McGuinness McWade Mulligan
Mays McCulley McGuion McWha Mullin
McAbe McCullough McGuire Meahan Mullins
McAcheron McCullum McGulrick Mealey Mullner
McAfee McCully McGurrigan Mealy Mullo
McAffee McCurdy McGwynn Meara Mullon
McAffrey McCutchen McGynn Medo Mulloney
McAffry McCutcheon McHag Meech Mullony
McAiney McDade McHatton Meeham Mullowny
McAleer McDaid McHiverskin Meehan Mulloy
McAlhan McDaide McHugh Meenan Muloy
McAlister McDavitt McHughes Meeney Mulvay
McAllan McDempsy McHughey Mehan Mulvey
McAllen McDermit McIlhenny Meinan Mulvoy
McAllenn McDermitt McIlheny Meiny Munds
McAller McDermot McIlhinney Meirn Munholland
McAllester McDermott McIlwee Melanson Munn
McAllion McDevett McIlwhinney Melbarq Munro
McAllister McDevitt McInerney Melliday Munroe
McAllistor McDonagh McInnes Mellsop Munsing
McAllum McDonald McInnis Melony Muntz
McAloone McDonell McIntagart Melowney Munzing
McAlpine McDonill McIntee Meloy Murdoch
McAnaeney McDonnald McIntryre Melville Murdock
McAnally McDonnell McIntyre Melvin Murley
McAnarney McDonnll McIver Mena Murphey
McAnartney McDonough McIves Menan Murphy
McAnealy McDougald McIvor Mendugh Murray
McAnerlin McDowell McJunkens Mercer Murty
McAnesline McEachern McJunkin Mern Muse
McAnespy McEachron McKain Merrick Musheral
McAnn McElhenny McKainey Merridick Mushreall
McAnney McElhinney McKarney Merrin Mustofa
McAnny McEllhinney McKay Merritt Myers
McAnully McElroy McKean Merrow Myhan
McAnulty McElwee McKeane Mertin Myles
McArdle McEver McKearnon Metcalf Myres