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Due to the varying literacy levels of those recording the information contained in the Almshouse records, and the language and accent barriers between residents and record keepers, inconsistencies in spelling frequently appear in the Almshouse records. Inconsistencies also exist in the way in which individuals appear in the records over the course time. For example an inmate recorded on first admission as “Mary Ann Murphy” might appear in subsequent references as “Mary Murphy”, “May Murphy”, “Mamie Murphy” or even “Ann” or “Annie Murphy”. Repetitions also exist due to re-admission of individuals, individuals who were “transferred” in the record book at the end of a year (they remained in the Almshouse), or individuals who were recorded in more than one of the institutions encompassed by the database.

Within the original records the surname and given name were recorded in one field, in the following format: “Firstname Lastname.” This field has been divided into two fields, Surname and Given Names to improve the functionality of the database for users.

Surname Typically records individual’s last name. However, “unknown” may appear. No attempt has been made to correct discrepancies in the original caused by human error or illegible and phonetic spelling.

Given names Typically records individual’s first name. However, “unknown” may appear. No attempt has been made to correct discrepancies in the original caused by human error or illegible and phonetic spelling.

Titles and descriptors Mr, Mrs, Jr, Widow, etc, have been entered within the Given Names field within brackets. Example: McDevitt, Martha (Mrs). In cases where a title is provided but a Given Name is not the title takes its place. (Example: McDevitt, Mrs.)

For information specific to the records, the fields involved, and the methods undertaken to present them be sure to read the resources available under “About the records.”

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160 records found for W

Waddel Warrant Werry Whittingon Wiswell
Waddell Warren Wescott Whittington Wohlpach
Wade Warwack Wesley Whitty Wohlpack
Wadsworth Warwalk West Wholey Wolber
Wafer Warwick Weston Whooley Wolf
Wagner Washington Wetham Wider Wolfander
Waid Waters Wetheral Wier Wolfe
Waide Watkins Wetherall Wiggins Wood
Wakefield Watson Wetmore Wilber Woodburn
Waldram Watt Whalen Wilcox Woodburne
Waldrum Watter Whalsh Wilder Woode
Walice Watters Wharbach Wiler Woodel
Walker Watts Wharboch Wilis Woodland
Wall Wattson Wharbock Wilkins Woods
Wallace Waul Wharrie Wilkinson Woodward
Walls Wawell Wharton Willa Woodworth
Wally Weary Wheaton Willet Woolfe
Walsh Weatherall Wheelock Willia Woolford
Walter Weatherby Wheeply William Wooster
Walters Weaver Whelan Williams Wooten
Walton Webb Whelen Williamson Wooton
Wames Webber Whelpley Willis Wootton
Wancen Weber Whelply Wilsen Worden
Wanser Weeir Wherry Wilson Woster
Wanzer Weir Whinn Winder Wren
Ward Welch White Winkie Wright
Wardsworth Weldon Whitelow Winters Wrinn
Warhall Wells Whitenect Wirt Wyer
Warner Welsh Whitlock Wise Wyman
Warnick Wendlen Whitlow Wiseman Wymms
Warnock Went Whitney Wishis Wymond
Warran Werner Whittey Wishlen Wynn