Brenan's Funeral Home Database


The records of Brenan

The records of Brenan’s Select™ Community Funeral Homes & Crematorium capture the descendants of many of the immigrant families that arrived in Saint John and the surrounding area in the mid nineteenth century. In particular through complete transcription of the records from 1901-1960 it became evident that many of these records consisted of individuals with Irish origins. It should also be noted that in its early years Brenan’s Funeral Home dealt largely with Protestant clients.

For the purposes of this site the only individuals included are those confirmed as Irish through the presence of the terms “Irish” and/or “Ireland” within one or more of the following fields: comment, place of birth, birth place of father, and birth place of mother. It should be noted that record keepers at the funeral home did not always include the terms “Irish” or “Ireland” in an Irish individual’s record. The subset presented in this website represents only 1,136 of 32,221 entries in the full database. Therefore, to view the records of other possible Irish individuals, whose origin was not denoted in any field but whose surname may denote the Emerald Isle, and everyone else buried through Brenan’s, users should access the full database.

For a history of Brenan’s Funeral Home, more information about the records or to visit the full database click here.