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View  1817.12.06  Brig Harriet - Dublin - Quebec - Hardships faced by passengers

View  1818.12.18  Advertisement Brig Hannah - Londonderry

View  1819.12.18  Passage Broker - William Black

View  1823.08.09  Card of Thanks to Joseph Thornton, Mate of the Brig Ardent

View  1823.08.09  Passage Broker - Henry Gault

View  1823.08.30  British Government Assistance for Irish emigrants to Upper Canada

View  1823.10.04  Notice Brig Susanna sailing - Warning against Neptune crew

View  1823.10.11  Six Criminal Charges - Also arrivals Ports of St. Andrews and Miramichi

View  1827.09.08  Emigrants Embarking on a 3000 Mile Voyage

View  1827.09.22  Ship Marcus Hill - Poor Condition

View  1827.09.29  Emigration Statistics

View  1827.10.20  Brig Mayflower - Docked for Repairs

View  1827.11.10  Education Law - School Licenses

View  1827.11.10  False Advertising - Emigrant Shipping - Port of Quebec

View  1827.12.22  Poverty in Ireland

View  1827.12.22  Emigrants - Applications for aid from British Consul NY

View  1827.12.29  Emigration North of Ireland to America - Statistics

View  1828.02.02  Advertisement - Ship William Pitt - St. John to Belfast - Return

View  1828.02.09  Middle Island Fire

View  1828.05.24  Public Assistance to Emigrants

View  1828.06.14  Emigration - Letter Reporting Trip through the Maritimes and Canada 1827

View  1828.08.02  Brig Despatch - Account of the wreck

View  1828.08.09  Mutiny - Rio de Janeiro

View  1828.09.06  Irish Emigrants from South America

View  1828.09.13  Rio de Janeiro - Highlander passengers

View  1828.09.20  Irish Emigrants from Rio de Janeiro

View  1828.09.27  Rio de Janeiro Emigrants

View  1828.11.08  Advertisement - Passage From Co. Cork - Limerick - Kerry

View  1828.11.08  Advertisement - Ship Mary - Londonderry to St. John

View  1829.03.21  Advertisement - Brig Daniel O'Connell - Londonderry to St. John

View  1829.05.09  Catholic Disabilities

View  1829.08.15  Notes on America and Canada - Account of voyage

View  1829.10.10  False Advertising - Emigrant Shipping - Port of Quebec

View  1829.12.12  Piracy Trial Fredericton 1829

View  1830.01.02  Emigration and New Settlements - Quebec

View  1830.03.06  Statistics regarding Vessels and Emigrants - Irish trade - Quebec

View  1830.05.01  Emigration Absorption Problems

View  1830.05.29  Wreck - Ship Newry

View  1830.06.05  Emigration - Assistance - Statistics

View  1830.06.05  Foul Weather

View  1830.06.12  Brig Kelton - Wreck

View  1830.06.12  Emigrant Agent Proposed - Lands Surveyed for Settlement

View  1830.06.19  Song of Emigration

View  1830.06.26  Small Pox Quarantine Flouted

View  1830.07.00  Brig Feronia and Small Pox Quarantine - More Letters

View  1830.07.00  Prospectus to form Association for the Shipping Interests

View  1830.07.03  Refuting charges of breaking Small Pox Quarantine

View  1830.07.10  Emigration - Statistics - Quebec 1821-30

View  1830.07.17  Brig Feronia and Small Pox

View  1830.07.24  Provisions for Partridge Island - Brig Feronia and Small Pox

View  1830.07.31  Emigration Fees - New York

View  1830.08.07  Barque Mary & Small Pox

View  1830.09.04  Quarantine Lifted

View  1830.09.11  Emigration - Quebec - Ship Two Brothers

View  1830.09.25  Advertisement - Ship Edward Reid - Londonderry to St. John

View  1831.04.23  Doctors Harding & Livingstone

View  1831.04.23  Massachusetts Passenger Law to keep Emigrant Paupers out

View  1831.04.23  Visiting Physicians Appointed

View  1831.04.30  Physicians Address - St. John

View  1831.05.14  Emigration Commission Established

View  1831.05.28  Brigs Charity & Billow - Small Pox & Quarantine

View  1831.05.28  Emigration - St. Andrews - Settlement New Brunswick vs the United States of America

View  1831.06.04  Brig Leslie Gault - Emigrants settled in Fredericton area - Good report

View  1831.06.25  Indictments for breach of the Passengers Act

View  1831.06.25  Quebec - Emigrant Statistics Report

View  1831.07.02  Brig Hibernia

View  1831.07.02  Destitute Emigrants - Quebec

View  1831.07.02  Montreal - Emigrant Conditions

View  1831.07.02  Passenger Law Indictments - Acquittals and Prosecutions

View  1831.07.02  Quebec Statistics - Rev. McMahon

View  1831.07.09  Small Pox Case Emigrant family - Lower Cove

View  1831.07.16  Destitute Emigrants - Quebec

View  1831.07.23  Emigrant Fund Established - Quebec

View  1831.07.30  Chelsea Pensioners

View  1831.07.30  Small Pox Case

View  1831.08.20  Emigrant Plan - New members Faculty of Physicians - Editor Saint Andrews Herald

View  1831.09.03  New Brunswick Emigration Company

View  1831.09.10  Emigrant Department notice on country settlement

View  1831.09.23  Patrick Bennett Advertisement - Steno Lessons

View  1831.09.24  Poem on Repeal

View  1831.10.01  Emigrants and Land - St. Andrews

View  1831.10.01  Wrecks - Ship Jane & The Robert Kerr - Loss of Life

View  1831.10.08  Barque Nelson - Deaths and Overcrowded conditions

View  1831.10.08  Patrick Bennett - Poem - The Emigrant

View  1831.10.15  Emigrant Statistics - Conditions and Tax - Quebec

View  1831.10.22  Wreck - Vessel Acadia - Quebec - Measles

View  1831.10.29  Emigrant Statistics - Conditions - Quebec

View  1831.10.29  New Brunswick Company - Miramichi Gleaner

View  1831.11.19  Patrick Bennett - Re-opening Coffee House - Political Debate

View  1831.11.26  Patrick Bennett - Challenge to debate B. O'Brien

View  1831.12.03  Patrick Bennett - B. O'Brien - Discussion at Coffee House

View  1831.12.10  Abuses in relief of mariners - Captain Duncan of the Brig Mary

View  1831.12.31  Ship Wrecks - Nova Scotia

View  1832.01.28  Response to story on Captain Duncan and Brig Mary

View  1832.02.04  Soup for Poor Emigrants

View  1832.02.18  Legislature of Nova Scotia - Petition and Report on case of Captain Duncan and Brig Mary

View  1832.02.25  Captain Duncan and Brig Mary - Slander

View  1832.03.03  Grosse Isle - Designated Quarantine Stn.

View  1832.03.17  Saint John Board of Health formed - Regulations on dealing with Cholera

View  1832.04.14  Emigrant Fees - Land

View  1832.05.12  Cholera - St. Andrews

View  1832.05.19  Brig Susan - Cholera report false - St. Andrews

View  1832.05.26  Emigration Commissioners Report - Information for Emigrants

View  1832.06.02  Emigration - Statistic on Children - June 1887 - Saint John

View  1832.06.16  Emigration Tide - Jobs needed to keep Emigrants here

View  1832.06.16  Quarantine Law Indictment - Captain Driscoll - Brig Hibernia - Copy

View  1832.06.16  Small Pox - Saint John

View  1832.06.23  Announcement of Arrival of Cholera - Quebec

View  1832.06.23  Brig Waterloo - Treachery

View  1832.06.30  Board of Health - Formation - Cholera

View  1832.06.30  Quarantine in United States affects trade

View  1832.07.07  Card of Thanks to Captain Strang, Brig Ann

View  1832.07.07  Card of Thanks to Captain Garrison, Brig Duncan

View  1832.07.07  Report of interference by Thomas Jones - Catholic Church

View  1832.07.07  Cholera Epidemic Spreads - Miramichi Gleaner

View  1832.07.14  Board of Health Saint John - Regulations

View  1832.07.21  American Ships subject to Quarantine

View  1832.07.21  Board of Health Circular from Maine

View  1832.07.21  Cholera - Statistics Quebec

View  1832.07.21  Poem on the Board of Health

View  1832.07.21  Release of two ships from Quarantine - Miramichi Gleaner

View  1832.07.28  Formation of Medical Boards - Aid to the poor - Ships Tyro and Congress in Quarantine

View  1832.07.28  New Ship - John Walker

View  1832.08.04  Corner Stone Gaol - St. Andrews

View  1832.08.04  Quarantine Reports - Cholera - Hospital - Obits - Health Association

View  1832.08.11  Quarantine Report

View  1832.08.18  Cholera - Ship Lord Wellington

View  1832.09.15  Tax - Quit Rents

View  1832.10.06  Tobacco Smuggling - St. John - Waterford

View  1832.10.13  Tobacco Smuggling - Waterford

View  1832.12.15  Brig Good Intent

View  1832.12.22  Bill to prevent spread of distempers - Saint John

View  1833.03.30  Response to A Poor Emigrant

View  1833.04.06  Relief for the Poor - Response to A Poor Emigrant

View  1833.05.18  Caution and Response - Apprentice agreement - Michael Thompson

View  1833.06.01  Wreck - Brig Albion

View  1833.06.15  Quarantine Regulations - Board of Health

View  1833.06.15  Wreck - Lady of the Lake of Aberdeen, from Belfast

View  1833.06.15  Wreck - Ship Volunteer

View  1833.07.20  Patrick Bennett - Lecture on Civil Government

View  1833.07.27  Patrick Bennett - Civil Government Continued

View  1833.08.17  Patrick Bennett - Debating Society

View  1833.09.14  Saint John - Debating Society

View  1833.10.12  Patrick Bennett - Introductory Sermon

View  1833.10.19  Emigration - Advertisement for Passengers

View  1833.10.26  Information wanted - Catherine Moran

View  1833.11.23  A Heroine - Sarah Scott

View  1834.01.11  Juvenile Emigration

View  1834.01.18  Juvenile Emigration Prospectus

View  1834.01.25  Juvenile Emigration - Another Scheme - St. Andrews Standard

View  1834.02.01  Emigration - Advice to Emigrants

View  1834.03.01  Juvenile Emigration - Bill Before the House

View  1834.03.15  Wedderburn Letter to Speaker of the House on Emigration

View  1834.03.15  Wreck - Brig Wellington

View  1834.03.22  St. Patrick's Day - Sons of Erin

View  1834.03.29  Information Wanted - Jane Brown seeking relatives

View  1834.04.26  Board of Health - Saint John Districts

View  1834.05.03  Information Wanted - William Campbell

View  1834.05.24  Brig Isabella - Wreck - St. Paul's Island

View  1834.05.31  Ship Hannah Rescues Crew of the Brig La Victoire

View  1834.06.07  Card of Thanks to Captain Wylie, Brig Maria

View  1834.06.07  Emigration Statistics - St. John

View  1834.06.07  Marine Journal - Wreck of the Isabella

View  1834.06.14  Advertisement - Sheil's - Liquor

View  1834.06.14  Emigration Statistics

View  1834.06.21  Juvenile Emigration - Captain Brenton supports - London

View  1834.06.28  Emigration Statistics

View  1834.06.28  Quarantine Orders - Partridge Island

View  1834.07.12  Card of Thanks to Captain James Strang, Ship Edmond

View  1834.07.19  Juvenile Emigration - Society for Suppression of Juvenile Vagrancy - Journal of Education

View  1834.07.19  Juvenile Emigration - Comments on Education Journal's article

View  1834.07.26  Emigrants Wanted - Village of Garth

View  1834.07.26  Emigration Statistics

View  1834.09.13  Aurelia - Grosse Isle Deaths

View  1834.09.13  Partridge Island - Emigrant Building

View  1834.09.20  Dreadful Shipwreck - Lighthouse needed on St. Paul's Island

View  1834.09.20  River Quarantine - F'ton Board of Health

View  1834.11.29  Mysterious Shipwreck - Two Brothers

View  1834.12.30  Return of Vessels - Port of Saint John

View  1835.01.03  Passage Notice - Emigration - Wm. Dougan

View  1835.01.03  Passage Notice - Ship Protector

View  1835.01.03  Poetry - To Ireland

View  1835.01.17  Ship Abandoned - Brig Mansfield

View  1835.01.31  Information Wanted - John Gallagher

View  1835.02.14  Protestant Gift to Catholics in Quebec

View  1835.02.14  Rev. Mr. Malthus Death - Enemy to Potatoes and Children

View  1835.02.21  Tax on Emigrants - Ports of Montreal and Quebec

View  1835.05.02  Passengers in Merchant Vessels - Regulations

View  1835.05.09  Adventures of a Female Sailor - Anna Jane Thornton

View  1835.05.16  The Female Sailor

View  1835.05.16  Adventures of a female sailor - Ann Jane Thornton

View  1835.05.23  Board of Health Partridge Island Quarantine - New Ship Saint Andrew

View  1835.05.30  The New Passenger Act

View  1835.07.04  Passage Notice - Ship Protector

View  1835.07.04  Quick Voyage Ship John Porter

View  1835.07.04  Wrecks - Barque Athol and Ship William Ewing

View  1835.07.11  Quarantine Regulation on Irish ships Rescinded

View  1835.07.18  Poetry - The Loveliest Isle

View  1835.07.18  Weather - Crops

View  1835.07.25  Passage Notice - Ship Portland

View  1835.08.08  Tithes in Ireland

View  1835.10.10  Poetry - Song of the Melesian Chieftain

View  1835.10.24  Poetry - See Yonder They Rise

View  1835.10.31  Poetry - To R. S. M.

View  1835.12.05  Poetry - The Four - Leaved Shamrock

View  1835.12.12  Poetry - Lay of the Exile

View  1835.12.12  Wrecks and Light Houses - Sable Island 1802-1835

View  1835.12.26  Poetry - Anna's Grave

View  1835.12.26  Wreck - Barque John Thomas

View  1836.02.13  Passage Notice - Ship Glasgow

View  1836.03.05  Wreck - Sir Francis Spaight - Cannibalism

View  1836.04.30  Lost and Damaged Vessels Coast of Great Britain and Ireland

View  1836.05.07  Notice - Orphan Benevolent Society

View  1836.05.14  Accident - Ship Saint Andrews

View  1836.06.04  Board of Health Notice - Contact with Partridge Island

View  1836.06.04  Wreck - Brigantine Lerwick at Brier Island

View  1836.06.04  Passage Notice - Royal Tar

View  1836.06.04  Ship Pallas arrival at St. Andrews

View  1836.06.04  Steamer Royal Tar - Excursions

View  1836.06.11  Provincial Vaccine Establishment St. John

View  1836.06.18  New Newspaper - The Chronicle

View  1836.06.25  Jaquet Island location

View  1836.07.02  Brig Susan - Ship Charlotte Douglas

View  1836.07.02  Comments on Alexander Wedderburn Statistical information for Emigrants

View  1836.07.02  Emigration of Protestants

View  1836.07.02  Ship Charlotte - Wrecked

View  1836.07.16  Rev. Dollard arrives From NS

View  1836.07.30  Card of Thanks to Dr. Harding and people of Partridge Island from Robert Muirhead

View  1836.08.06  Information Wanted - Patrick Cassidy

View  1836.08.06  Notice - Orphan Benevolent Society

View  1836.08.06  Information Wanted - John Travers

View  1836.08.20  Barque Ranger - Wrecked at Bellechasse

View  1836.08.20  Light Houses - Costs

View  1836.08.27  Wreck - The Francis Spaight - Account from a crew member

View  1836.09.03  Record Numbers of Emigrants - New York

View  1836.09.17  Miramichi A Free Port

View  1836.10.08  Advertisement - Irish Whiskey

View  1836.10.15  Light House at Cape Spear Nfld

View  1836.10.15  Passage Notice - Barque Rowena

View  1836.10.15  Passenger Names - The Glasgow and The Charity

View  1836.10.22  New Vessel - Britannia built in Parish of Portland

View  1836.10.22  Rescue at Sea - Brig Mercator

View  1836.10.29  Accident - Steamer Royal Tar

View  1836.11.05  Prospectus of a Newspaper - The Irishman

View  1836.11.05  Ship Advertisement - St. Patrick

View  1836.11.05  The Royal Tar - Accident Reviewed

View  1836.11.12  Irish Oak to New Brunswick - Shipbuilding

View  1836.11.12  Royal Tar - Portland Courier

View  1836.11.19  Quarantine Report Complimenting Dr. Harding

View  1836.12.24  Establishment of an Infirmary - Almshouse Condition

View  1836.12.24  Lighthouse St. Catherine's Point - Isle of Wright

View  1836.12.24  The Poor - Statistics Almshouse 1835-36

View  1837.01.07  Passage Notices

View  1837.01.07  Vessels - Statistics - Port of Saint John 1835-36

View  1837.04.15  Poetry - Lines

View  1837.04.15  R.S. Moore - Passengers Ship St. Patrick

View  1837.04.22  Passage - Ship Saint Patrick

View  1837.04.22  Vessels - Statistics - Registry Port of Saint John - 31 Dec.1836

View  1837.04.22  Vessels - Statistics - Registry Port of Miramichi - 31 Dec.1836

View  1837.05.13  Notice - Poor Taxes

View  1837.05.20  Card of Thanks to Captain Kinney, Brig Niger

View  1837.05.20  Partridge Island Health Notice

View  1837.06.03  Inquest - Thomas Kelly

View  1837.06.03  Passage Notice - The Glasgow

View  1837.06.03  Passengers Arrived - Port of Saint John

View  1837.06.10  Card of Thanks to Captain Tucker, Ship Margaret

View  1837.06.10  Notice - Orphan Benevolent Society Meeting

View  1837.06.17  Accident - Brig Royalist and Barque Wexford

View  1837.06.17  Emigration - Saint John - 1837 Notice re employment

View  1837.06.17  Notice re Emigrants

View  1837.06.17  Ships - Passengers Arrived - Saint John

View  1837.06.17  Quarantine Law Violations - New York

View  1837.06.17  United States of America Quarantine Laws - Tax measure re violations

View  1837.07.08  Emigrant Fund Burdened

View  1837.07.22  Army in Ireland - Changes and the Constabulary force

View  1837.07.29  Passage Notice - Byron

View  1837.08.05  Emigrants - New York & other United States of America News

View  1837.10.14  Passage Notice - Brig Britannia

View  1837.10.21  Notice - Physicians Saint John - Dr. Bayard and son

View  1837.11.11  Orphan Benevolent Society meeting

View  1837.11.25  Passage Notice - Alan Ker

View  1837.12.30  Coroner's Inquest - Nathaniel Oney

View  1838.01.13  Orphan Benevolent Society - Anniversary Dinner notice

View  1838.01.13  Patrick Bennett - Marriage to Jane Caruthers

View  1838.01.13  Publication - The Emigrant

View  1838.04.28  Vessels - Statistics - Port of Miramichi 1837

View  1838.04.28  Vessels - Statistics - Port of Saint John 1837

View  1839.04.27  Poetry - Thoughts of Home

View  1839.06.29  Mutiny - Ship Sally from St. Andrews

View  1839.06.29  Wreck - Aid - de - Camp - Sixteen Lives Lost - NS

View  1839.09.14  RC Cathedral at St. John's Newfoundland

View  1840.02.29  Pauper & Emigrant Statistics - Overseer of the Poor Records Saint John

View  1840.03.21  St. Patrick's Society Dinner

View  1840.04.11  Orange Procession Saint John

View  1840.06.20  Brig Susan Maria Brooke - Captain Hughes Commended

View  1840.07.04  Emigration - Statistics - New Brunswick Information given out

View  1840.07.18  Emigration - Information on New Brunswick

View  1840.07.18  Orangeman Saint John - City and Catholics reaction to

View  1840.07.25  Orangemen Saint John - James Nethery's reply

View  1840.08.01  Orangemen Saint John - Reply to Nethery letter

View  1840.08.29  Theatre Musicale - Bards and Melodies of Ireland

View  1840.08.29  Wreck - Barque Edward Reid

View  1840.09.12  Mr. White, Irish Melodist performance in Fredericton

View  1840.09.26  Mr. White, Irish Melodist Final Performances Saint John

View  1840.10.03  Mr. White, Irish Melodist - Farewell to Saint John

View  1840.11.14  Emigrant Agency Office - Fredericton

View  1840.11.28  Inquest - Death of John Ward and Mutiny on Barque Troubadour

View  1841.01.09  Emigration Statistics - A. Wedderburn

View  1841.04.03  St. Patrick's Day at Fredericton and St. Stephen

View  1841.05.15  Emigration - Statistics - Passengers and Ships to Saint John

View  1841.05.15  Notice to Farmers - Emigrants Employment

View  1841.05.22  Emigration - Statistics - Passengers and Ships to Saint John

View  1841.05.29  Catholic Apathy - State of Catholicity in New Brunswick

View  1841.05.29  Emigrant Societies

View  1841.05.29  Emigration Society - Saint John

View  1841.06.05  Card of Thanks to Captain Michael Driscoll, Royal William

View  1841.06.05  Emigration Society to Meet - Saint John

View  1841.06.05  Wreck - Brig Minstrel

View  1841.06.19  Emigration Information and Tables on New Brunswick

View  1841.07.17  Emigration Society Saint John - Rules and Regulations

View  1841.07.17  Small Pox - Ship Elizabeth Grimmer

View  1841.07.17  Wanted - Teacher - St. Andrews

View  1841.10.16  Emigration Society - District Agents Saint John County

View  1841.10.30  Emigrant Office - Advertisement for land

View  1842.03.05  Paupers and Health Statistics Saint John

View  1842.03.26  St. Patrick's Day - Miramichi

View  1842.04.30  Emigrants - Employment

View  1842.04.30  Settlement Lands for Sale - Tracts of Crown Land in New Brunswick

View  1842.05.07  Poetry - To the Memory of Robert S. Moore

View  1842.05.21  Emigration from Ireland - Shipping Statistics

View  1842.05.28  Emigration - Statistics - Passengers and Ships

View  1842.06.04  Emigration - Statistics - Passengers and Ships

View  1842.06.25  Scurrilous Anti-Catholic Nature of the Loyalist Paper

View  1842.07.02  Emigration - Statistics - Record Number Vessels

View  1842.07.16  Emigrants and Land and Employment opportunities

View  1842.07.16  Emigration - Statistics - Number Passengers Quebec and Saint John

View  1842.07.16  Orangemen - Riot - Battle of the Boyne anniversary

View  1842.08.06  Emigration Settlements - Crown land for sale

View  1842.08.12  Patrick Bennett - Newspaper - Hibernian Oracle or Irelands Eye

View  1842.08.20  Emigrant Employment

View  1843.01.14  Emigrant Society - St. Stephen

View  1843.02.04  Paupers and Health Statistics - Overseer of the Poor Saint John

View  1843.08.19  Rioting in Portland - Names of individuals charged

View  1843.11.04  Rioters in Portland Pardoned

View  1844.02.17  Orange Order - Suppression of secret societies

View  1844.02.24  Catholic Controversy - Rev. James Dunphy to Rev. William Dollard

View  1844.05.11  Emigration - Statistics - Passengers and Ships

View  1844.05.11  Advertisement - Emigration Office - Rippard & Sons

View  1844.05.18  Catholic Controversy - Petition to Rev. William Dollard - Re: Rev. James Dunphy

View  1844.05.23  Catholic Controversy - William Cuningham - Re: Rev. James Dunphy

View  1844.06.22  Card of Thanks to Thomas York, Brig Redwing

View  1844.06.22  Conviction under Passenger Act of Captain James Hannah, Ship Asia of Londonderry

View  1844.09.07  Loyal National Repeal Association of Ireland - Repealers of Saint John, New Brunswick

View  1844.10.12  Emigration - Ship Londonderry - Emigration Season Closed

View  1845.01.04  Riotous Proceedings at York Point and Portland

View  1845.01.18  Emigration Agency - Reduced Tariffs

View  1845.02.01  Patrick Bennett Convicted of Libel

View  1845.02.15  Custom Duties Waived on Emigrants Furniture

View  1845.02.15  Emigration from Ireland Expected to Increase

View  1845.03.22  Riot in Portland

View  1845.05.10  Vessels from Cork to St. John - Emigration from Limerick to Quebec

View  1845.05.24  Emigration Statistics from Londonderry, Cork, and Liverpool

View  1845.05.31  Irish Emigration Statistics - Passengers and Ships

View  1845.05.31  Riot in Portland - Reward for Murderer of James Magrath

View  1845.06.07  Emigrant Employment and Return of Emigrants arrived in St. John

View  1845.06.28  Return of Emigrants arrived in St. John from Ireland since June 1st 1845

View  1845.07.12  Return of Emigrants arrived in St. John since July 1st 1845, including trade

View  1845.07.12  Notice to Emigrants - Prospects of Employment for Labourers

View  1845.08.30  Potato Blight Strikes St. John

View  1845.10.11  Information Wanted Regarding Charles E. Wayne

View  1845.11.15  Number of Emigrants Arrived in New Brunswick and Ports Landed

View  1846.01.03  Number of Emigrants Arrived in New Brunswick During Past Year and Employment

View  1846.03.28  Forecast for the Seasons Emigration

View  1846.04.25  Government Emigration Office Reports on Pending Vessel Arrivals and Passengers - Passenger Act

View  1846.04.25  Information Wanted Regarding Alexander Smiley

View  1846.05.09  Government Emigration Office Report on Pending Vessel Arrivals

View  1846.05.23  Government Emigration Office Report on Pending Vessel Arrivals

View  1846.05.23  Information Wanted Regarding William Sagerson

View  1846.05.30  Government Emigration Office Report on Vessel Arrivals, Passenger Numbers and Quarantines

View  1846.06.06  Government Emigration Office Report on Vessel Arrivals, Passengers and Quarantine

View  1846.06.06  Government Emigration Report on Vessel Arrivals and Pending Arrivals

View  1846.06.20  Small Pox on the Brig Pero at St. Andrews

View  1846.06.27  Convictions Under Passenger Act of Matthew Flinn and Thos. Ellwood

View  1846.06.27  Government Emigration Office Report of Vessel Arrivals of the past week

View  1846.06.27  Launch of the Aeolus from Portland

View  1846.07.04  Complimentary Letters to Ship-Masters

View  1846.07.04  Convictions Under Passenger Act of James Cooper, William Wightman and Lawrence Moore

View  1846.07.04  Government Emigration Report of Vessels Arrived and Passengers

View  1846.07.11  Conviction Under Passenger Act of Richard Power

View  1846.07.11  Letter of Thanks from the Secretary's Office to Captain James Broughall, Ship Fag - An - Bealac

View  1846.07.11  Government Emigration Office Report - No Vessels Arrived - German Emigrants

View  1846.07.11  Government Emigration Office Report - Number of Emigrants Arrived During the Quarter

View  1846.07.25  Almshouse Deaths, St. John

View  1846.07.25  Additional Conviction Under Passenger Act of Captain James Cooper, Barque Renewal

View  1846.07.25  Government Emigration Office Report of Vessels Arrived and Passengers Landed up to date

View  1846.08.15  Government Emigration Office Report of Vessels Arrived

View  1846.08.15  Commendation of Captain Hyacith Duffy, Ship Chieftan

View  1846.08.22  Abstract of Passenger Duties collected and Sums Paid for Emigrant Relief

View  1846.08.29  Conviction Under Passenger Act of Captain Alexander McNaughton, Brigantine Danube

View  1846.08.29  Small Pox on the Schooner Indian Queen at Miramichi

View  1846.09.12  Advertisement- Card from Dr. Collins advertising his services

View  1846.09.12  Sufferings of Emigrants from Ireland

View  1846.11.21  List of Supplies being Shipped out of Ireland

View  1846.11.28  Regarding Convictions Under the Passenger Act

View  1847.02.06  Relief for Ireland - Famine - Charity Concert and Ball

View  1847.02.06  Relief for Ireland - Famine - Philharmonic Society Charity Concert and Ball

View  1847.02.06  Relief for Ireland - Famine - Public Meeting Held

View  1847.02.20  Emigration Agency - Reduced Tariffs

View  1847.02.20  Relief for Ireland - Success of the Philharmonic Society Concert and Ball

View  1847.02.27  Prepare for Extensive and Early Emigration this Season

View  1847.02.27  Promotion of Emigration To New Brunswick as a Measure of Relief for Ireland

View  1847.02.27  Funds for the Relief of Ireland

View  1847.03.06  Saint Patrick's Society - Relief Funds For Ireland

View  1847.03.06  Violation of the Passenger Act - Officers of Customs to Blame

View  1847.03.27  Public Notice Regarding Collection of Funds for Relief for Ireland

View  1847.03.27  Relief For Ireland and Scotland - General Relief Committee - Collections

View  1847.04.03  Relief For Ireland - Irish Relief Committee, Northumberland County - The Chatham Tea Party

View  1847.04.03  Special Grants for Emigrant Societies to encourage and promote Immigration

View  1847.05.01  Government Emigration Office Report - Passengers

View  1847.05.01  Relief for Ireland - Acknowledgment of Receipt of Funds from St. John

View  1847.05.22  Mortality and Sickness Among Emigrants - Deaths Onboard the Barque's Aldebaran and Marchioness

View  1847.06.05  Card of Thanks to Captain Driscoll, Ship Aeolus

View  1847.06.05  Government Emigration Office Lists of Passengers Received

View  1847.06.05  Quarantine Report - Doctor's Salaries

View  1847.06.12  Card of Thanks to Captain Ferguson, Ship Marchioness of Clydesdale, from John S. Saunders

View  1847.06.19  Card of Thanks to Captain James Horan, Brig Thorny Close

View  1847.06.19  Government Emigration Office Report - List of Passengers by Vessel

View  1847.06.19  Ship Looshtauk Deaths

View  1847.06.26  Dr. Collins Illness and Captain Hall's Death on Partridge Island

View  1847.07.03  Conviction Under Passenger Act of Captain York, Barque Linden

View  1847.07.03  Vessels with Passengers Arrived in St. John between May 5 - June 30 1847

View  1847.07.03  Quarantine Report - Death of Dr. Collins

View  1847.07.03  Affairs at the Quarantine Station, Miramichi - Illness of Dr. Vondy

View  1847.07.10  Emigrant Agent's Office - List of Passengers Received

View  1847.07.10  M.H. Perley Resumes Duties as Emigration Agent

View  1847.07.10  Fredericton Party charged with Riot and Assault and Convicted

View  1847.07.10  Quarantine Report - Deaths Listed by Name, Age and Vessel

View  1847.07.10  Miramichi Quarantine Report - Death of Dr. Vondy

View  1847.07.17  Commendation of Captain R. Disbrow, Ship John Clark

View  1847.07.24  Arrival of the Brig Magna Charta from Sligo at St. Andrews

View  1847.07.24  Miramichi Quarantine Death of William Adams, Passenger of the Looshtauk

View  1847.07.24  Government Emigration Office Reports - List of Passengers by Vessel, Vessels out of Quarantine, and Partridge Island Return

View  1847.07.24  M.H. Perley's Increased Salary and Grant Received

View  1847.07.24  Miramichi Quarantine Report

View  1847.07.31  Commendation of Captain Anderson, Barque Lady Bagot

View  1847.07.31  Conviction Under Passenger Act of Captain Samuel Fox, Brigantine Susan Ann

View  1847.07.31  Government Emigration Office - Emigrants Arrived 1846, 1847 - Quarantine Report

View  1847.07.31  Miramichi Quarantine News - Schooner Victoria

View  1847.08.07  Deaths on Partridge Island Since July 31, 1847

View  1847.08.07  Report of the Emigrant Hospital for the Week Ending August 6, 1847

View  1847.08.07  Government Emigration Office - Number of Emigrants from Ireland Landed/Died - Deaths on Partridge Island

View  1847.08.07  Gale and its Effects on Vessels

View  1847.08.14  Emigrant Hospital Report for the Week Ending August 13th, 1847 - Statistics

View  1847.08.14  Potato Blight in New Brunswick - Emigration Hospital & Quarantine Station Reports - Illness of Dr. Harding

View  1847.08.14  Government Emigration Office Report - Illness of Dr. G.J. Harding

View  1847.08.14  Information Wanted Regarding Thomas Kerley, his Wife, and his Niece Mary Kerley

View  1847.08.14  Vaccination Suggested due to Small Pox at Quarantine Station

View  1847.08.21  Amendments to The Passenger's Act

View  1847.08.21  Card of Thanks to Captain Laidler, Barque Envoy

View  1847.08.21  Conviction of Captain Patrick Beegan, Brigantine Bloomfield

View  1847.08.21  Emigrant Hospital Report for the Week Ending August 20, 1847 - Statistics

View  1847.08.21  Emigration From Liverpool - Statistics

View  1847.08.21  Government Emigration Office - Lists of Passengers Received - Deaths on Partridge Island

View  1847.08.21  Quarantine Report - Dr. G.J. Harding Improving

View  1847.08.28  Arrival of Barques Aeolus and Yeoman with Sir Robert Gore-Booth's tenants - Burden on Tax Payers

View  1847.08.28  Death of James W. Bennett in Fredericton due to Fever Contracted Nursing Sick Emigrants

View  1847.08.28  Doctors Appointed to Examine Partridge Island and Almshouse Facilities

View  1847.08.28  Emigrant Hospital Report for the Week Ending August 27, 1847 - Statistics

View  1847.08.28  Government Emigration Office Reports - Statistics

View  1847.08.28  Miramichi Quarantine Report

View  1847.08.28  Brig Eliza Liddell from Sligo Lands at Shippegan and Spreads Fever and Disease

View  1847.09.04  Ill Paupers from Ireland Burden the Parish - Assisted Emigration - Resolutions

View  1847.09.04  Burden of the Tenants of Sir Robert Gore Booth Arrived on Vessel Lady Sale

View  1847.09.04  Government Emigration Office Report - Passenger Lists Received - Return of Deaths on Partridge Island

View  1847.09.04  Lieutenant Governor Visits Partridge Island

View  1847.09.04  St. John Common Council Resolutions Submitted Due to Influx of Ill and Destitute Paupers

View  1847.09.04  President of St. Patrick's Society Acknowledges Receipt of Funds for Poor Irish Emigrants

View  1847.09.04  List of Vessels and Their Tonnage

View  1847.09.11  Emigrant Hospital Report - Statistics

View  1847.09.11  Emigrant Pauper Relief - Saint Patrick Society

View  1847.09.11  Lieutenant Governor Response to Common Council Resolutions - Influx of Pauper Emigrants

View  1847.09.11  Quarantine Report - Report of Deaths on Partridge Island

View  1847.09.11  Rewards for Murderer of James Briggs, Junior - Escape of Prisoner William Tobin from Jail

View  1847.09.18  Advertisement - New Brunswick Emigration Agency - Passage - James Robertson

View  1847.09.18  Government Emigration Office Report - Passengers Landed - Return of Deaths - Report of the Emigrant Hospital

View  1847.09.25  Government Emigration Office Report - Report of the Emigrant Hospital - List of Passengers Received

View  1847.09.25  Orange Riot Trial at Woodstock Court Terminated

View  1847.09.25  Poetry - The Stranger's Grave

View  1847.09.25  Quarantine Report - Return of Deaths at Partridge Island

View  1847.10.02  Thanks to Mr. H. Thompson owner of Brig Caroline from Passengers

View  1847.10.09  Death of Dr. Frank Andrew in Fredericton from Fever Brought by Emigrants

View  1847.10.09  Quarantine Report - Arrival of Barque Fanny from Londonderry

View  1847.10.16  Emigrant Hospital Report - Statistics

View  1847.10.16  Quarantine Report - Discharged, Died, Remain

View  1847.10.16  Quarantine Report - Shippegan - State of Emigrants from the Eliza Liddell

View  1847.10.23  Government Emigration Report - Arrival of Vessels

View  1847.10.30  Emigrant Hospital Report - Statistics

View  1847.11.06  Emigrant Hospital Report - Statistics

View  1847.11.06  Pauper Emigrants from the Aeolus as sent by Lord Palmerston

View  1847.11.13  Dr. Harding's Report on the Emigrants Brought by the Aeolus - Resolutions Passed

View  1847.11.13  Emigrant Hospital Report - Statistics

View  1847.11.20  Emigrant Hospital Report - Statistics

View  1847.11.20  Emigrants At Quebec - Lord Palmerston's Pauper Tenants

View  1847.11.20  Return of Emigrants who Died On Partridge Island with Name, Age and Vessel

View  1847.11.20  Return of Money and Effects of Deceased Emigrants

View  1847.12.04  Card of Thanks from Rev. Edmond Quinn for Funds for Emigrant Orphans

View  1847.12.04  Emigrants Hospital Report - Statistics

View  1847.12.11  Card of Thanks from Rev. Edmond Quinn for Funds for Emigrant Orphans

View  1847.12.11  Emigrant Hospital Report - Statistics

View  1847.12.18  Funds in Support of Emigrant Orphans

View  1848.01.22  Emigrant Hospital & Almshouse Report - Statistics

View  1848.01.29  Emigrant Hospital Report - Statistics

View  1848.02.05  Emigrant Hospital & Almshouse Report - Statistics

View  1848.02.12  Emigrant Hospital Report - Statistics

View  1848.02.19  Government Emigration Office - Emigration Predictions

View  1848.03.18  Expected Decrease in Emigration Due to New Bill Regarding Passage Regulations

View  1848.04.01  Government Emigration Office Report - Emigration Predictions

View  1848.04.08  Farmers Seeking to Employ Emigrants - Emigration Predictions

View  1848.04.08  Government Emigration Office - Notice of Change of Address

View  1848.04.08  Miramichi - Row on Sheldrake Island - Middle island

View  1848.04.15  Government Emigration Office Report - Pending Arrivals

View  1848.04.29  Government Emigration Office Report - Arrivals, Pending Arrivals and Return of Deaths

View  1848.04.29  Government Emigration Office Report - Pending Arrivals

View  1848.05.06  Government Emigration Office Report - Arrivals

View  1848.05.20  Government Emigration Office Report - Passenger Lists Received and Arrivals

View  1848.05.27  Government Emigration Office Report - Passenger Lists Received and Arrivals

View  1848.06.03  Government Emigration Office Report - Passenger Lists Received and Arrivals

View  1848.06.10  Government Emigration Office Report - Passenger Lists Received, Arrivals, and Information Wanted

View  1848.06.10  Information Wanted on Martin, James, Honor and Ellen Malone and Thos. Hynes

View  1848.06.17  Government Emigration Office Report - Passenger Lists Received, Arrivals and Quarantine

View  1848.06.24  Exclusion of Catholics from Jury Duty

View  1848.07.01  Government Emigration Office Report - Passenger Lists Received, Arrivals and Quarantine

View  1848.07.08  Government Emigration Office Report - Passenger Lists Received and Arrivals

View  1848.07.22  Government Emigration Office Report - Passenger Lists Received and Arrivals

View  1848.07.22  Irish League - Society Formed to Disseminate Knowledge of Ireland - Constitution - Friends of Ireland

View  1848.08.19  Government Emigration Office Report - Passenger Lists Received and Arrivals

View  1848.08.19  Great Catholic Meeting - Meeting to Protest Exclusion of Catholics from Jury Duty

View  1848.08.26  Aggregate Meeting of Roman Catholics - Proceedings and Resolutions of the Meeting

View  1848.09.02  Aggregate Meeting of Roman Catholics - Reply to the Editor

View  1848.09.09  Emigration from New Brunswick to the United States of America

View  1848.09.16  Emigration from New Brunswick to the United States of America Needs to be Checked

View  1848.11.18  Death of Thomas Edward Bennett, son of Patrick Bennett

View  1848.12.09  To Intending Emigrants from New Brunswick - Go to Western Canada, not the United States of America

View  1848.12.09  Provincial Emigration to the United States of America

View  1849.03.10  Fatal Affray - Riot and Murder of Mr. Robert Busby

View  1849.04.07  Labourers' Public Meeting Proceedings and Resolutions - Patrick Bennett

View  1849.04.21  Government Emigration Office Report - Passenger Lists Received and Pending Arrivals

View  1849.04.28  Board of Health - Rules, Regulations, Orders and Directions

View  1849.05.05  Government Emigration Office Report - Arrivals

View  1849.06.02  Government Emigration Office Report - Arrivals and Return of Deaths

View  1849.07.14  Orange Riots - Serious Riot and Loss of Life

View  1849.07.21  Orange Riots - Names of those Charged

View  1849.07.28  Orange Riots - Further Names of Those Charged

View  1849.08.18  Circuit Court - Various Trials, Including Those Pertaining to the Orange Riots

View  1849.08.18  Temporary Replacement of M.H. Perley by Thomas McAvity

View  1849.08.25  Circuit Court - Various Trials, Including Orange Riot Trials - Grand Jury Concerning the Riots

View  1849.09.22  Grand Jury Presentments Regarding Orange Riots

View  1849.09.22  Grand Jury on the Orange Riots to the Lieutenant Governor

View  1849.09.29  Grand Jury abstract of a Presentment relating to Principles of Operation of the Almshouse

View  1849.10.13  Notice of Land Grants

View  1849.10.20  A Female Sailor - Irish Woman Disguised as a Man

View  1849.10.27  Card - Dr. Alexander Kennedy From Belfast, Commences Practice

View  1850.03.16  Emigrants - Statistics and Head Money

View  1850.04.13  Government Emigration Office Report - Emigrants Landed in the Last Nineteen Years

View  1850.05.04  Government Emigration Office Report - Lists of Passengers Received and Pending Arrivals

View  1850.05.04  Emigration Officers - M.H. Perley and Thomas Jones

View  1850.05.11  Government Emigration Office Report - Pending Arrivals and Emigration Decrease Expected

View  1850.05.11  Information for Immigrants to Western Canada

View  1850.05.18  Government Emigration Office Report - Passenger List Received

View  1850.05.18  Emigration - United States of America Head Tax

View  1850.05.25  Card of Thanks to Captain Thomas Roberts, Ship J.S. DeWolf

View  1850.05.25  Government Emigration Office Report - Passenger List Received and Vessel Arrivals

View  1850.10.05  Emigrants Dissatisfied with the United States of America

View  1850.11.02  Emigrants Leave for the Mississippi

View  1850.11.02  New Vessel - The ship Mohongo Built of Local Tamarac and Oak

View  1851.01.18  List of Letters Remaining Undelivered at Post Office - Mrs. Jane Bennett

View  1851.03.29  Mr. Thomas T. Currie, Mr. Vondy, and Mr. John Walker become Doctors

View  1851.04.19  Government Emigration Office Report - Arrivals

View  1851.05.10  Government Emigration Office Report - Arrivals from Ireland

View  1851.05.17  Government Emigration Office Report - Arrivals

View  1851.05.24  Quarantine and Emigrant Farmers

View  1851.05.31  Government Emigration Office Report - List of Passengers Received

View  1852.05.01  Government Emigration Office Report - List of Passengers Received

View  1852.05.01  Government Emigration Office Report - Lists of Passengers Received

View  1852.05.08  Emigration - Arrival of the Industry and the Albion - Smallpox

View  1852.05.15  Government Emigration Office Report - Emigration from Ireland Checked by High Passage Rates

View  1852.05.29  Government Emigration Office Report - Pending Arrivals - Decrease in Irish Emigration Due to Good Season

View  1852.07.24  Advertisement - Steamers Admiral and Eastern City and Sailing Time Table

View  1853.01.08  Advertisement - Engaging Passage from Londonderry and the North of Ireland

View  1853.02.19  Number of Emigrants Arrived During Past Year

View  1853.04.02  Issues of Emigration Promotion - New System Needed - Harvey Settlement

View  1853.04.16  Large Numbers of Emigrants and Railway Labourers

View  1853.04.23  Government Emigration Office Report - Proposed Emigration of Children from England

View  1853.05.21  Emigration - Arrival of the Mary Ann from Londonderry and Labourers

View  1853.06.11  Lists of Passengers Received

View  1853.06.18  Emigration - Arrival of the Barque Patience and Death of Theophilas Wright

View  1853.06.25  Mr. Stockton's Connections to the Orange Order

View  1853.07.16  The Twelfth of July and a Fight

View  1853.07.23  Government Emigration Office Report - Pending Arrivals

View  1853.07.23  Examination of Party Involved in Twelfth of July Assault

View  1853.08.27  Canada and Its Vast Resources - Mr. Roney and the Canadian Railways and Emigration

View  1853.12.03  Arrival of Emigrants - Packet Ship Middleton from Liverpool

View  1854.02.25  Emigrants - Number of Emigrants Arrived in St. John, Miramichi, Shediac in 1853 and St. John in 1852

View  1854.03.18  Ship Middleton from Liverpool Brings First Emigrants of the Season

View  1854.04.15  Emigration and the Black Ball Line

View  1854.05.13  Emigration - Vessel Arrivals

View  1854.05.20  Poetry - An Emigrant's Glance Homeward

View  1854.05.27  Government Emigrant Office Report - Arrivals

View  1854.07.08  Emigration - Arrivals, Passenger Statistics, Immigration Statistics

View  1855.04.07  Australia and New Brunswick Contrasted

View  1855.04.28  Emigration - Vessel Arrivals, Quarantine

View  1855.05.19  New Emigration Agent Needed

View  1856.02.02  Letter to the Editor Signed Another Emigrant

View  1856.02.16  Letter to the Editor Signed An Immigrant

View  1856.05.03  Passengers Ships - New Rules and Regulations

View  1856.05.31  Report of the Board of Health Part I - Conditions

View  1856.08.02  Canada - The Catholics and the Governor - Conduct of Sir E. Head

View  1856.09.06  Young Irelanders - Complaints Against the Freeman

View  1856.09.13  Young Irelanders - Response to the Freeman's Accusation

View  1856.09.20  Patrick O'Kelly the Irish Bard

View  1856.09.27  The Irish in South America

View  1856.12.13  The New Emigration Scheme

View  1856.12.20  New Crown Land Regulations and The Great Emigration Scheme

View  1857.01.31  Death of Benjamin Wolhaupter

View  1857.01.31  Mr. Perley’s Visit to England

View  1857.04.04  Mr. Perley's Trip to England from the Emigration Record

View  1857.05.02  Annual Abstract of Immigration - M. H. Perley

View  1857.06.13  Report of the Board of Health Part II - Disease

View  1857.07.04  Editorial on Emigration, Including Extracts from Emigration Returns

View  1857.07.18  Editorial on Emigration - Prosperity of Those Already Settled in Canada Affects Immigration

View  1857.08.01  Editorial on Emigration - Social Position of Emigrants Arriving and Influence of Their Nationality

View  1857.08.15  Statistics from The Emigration Record - Increase in the Number of Emigrants

View  1857.09.12  Letter on Emigration From England and Ireland to New Brunswick

View  1862.02.22  Census of New Brunswick

View  1862.05.03  Arrival of Emigrants

View  1862.06.14  Arrival of Emigrants

View  1862.06.21  Expected Emigrants from Fair Isle

View  1862.07.19  Fair Isle Emigrants

View  1862.09.27  Census of New Brunswick

View  1862.09.27  Poetry - The Charge of the Light Brigade