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New Brunswick Courier
New Brunswick Reporter and Fredericton Advertiser
New Brunswick Standard
St. John Liberator Irish Advocate
The Freeman
The Gleaner and Northumberland, Kent, Gloucester and Restigouche Commercial and Agricultural Journal
The Herald
The Morning Freeman
The New Dominion and True Humorist
The New Freeman
The Saint John Gazette and the Weekly Advertiser
The St. John Daily Sun
The Standard or Frontier Agricultural and Commercial Gazette
The True Humorist
The True Liberator

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View  1845.02.15  Reminiscences of New Brunswick - #1

View  1845.03.06  Reminiscences of New Brunswick - #2

View  1845.03.21  Reminiscences of New Brunswick - #3

View  1845.04.04  Reminiscences of New Brunswick - #4

View  1845.04.11  Reminiscences of New Brunswick - #5

View  1845.05.02  Reminiscences of New Brunswick - #6

View  1845.05.23  Reminiscences of New Brunswick - #7

View  1845.06.13  Reminiscences of New Brunswick - #8

View  1845.11.28  New Roman Catholic Chapel Consecrated

View  1845.12.05  A Protestant Objects to the Article on the New Roman Catholic Chapel

View  1846.06.12  Conviction Under Passenger Act of the Captain of the Margaret Thompson from Donegal

View  1847.02.05  Description of Famine in Connaught

View  1847.02.12  Sympathy for Famine Suffering

View  1847.04.16  The Green Lady, a Legend of Ballyshannon

View  1847.08.27  Extracts From the Minutes of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland - Position on Famine

View  1847.09.03  Editorial - Past Season's Pauper Emigration, Including Those Sent by Sir Robert Gore Booth

View  1847.09.03  Sir Robert Gore Booth's Assisted Emigration Scheme

View  1847.09.10  Editorial on Immigration and Agriculture

View  1847.10.15  Report of Dr.s Toldervy and Odell Upon the Condition of the Irish Emigrants in the City of Fredericton