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View  1858.07.10  Immigration - Land settlement

View  1858.07.10  Immigration

View  1858.07.10  Rioting on the Railway Works - Westmorland Co.

View  1858.07.15  Immigration Promotion - Woodstock Journal

View  1858.08.10  Boy Flogged - To the Hon. Mr. Justice Wilmot from Father Michael Egan

View  1858.09.16  Comments on Roman Catholics - Politics - Methodist - Presbyterian View

View  1858.09.16  Boy Flogged - Judge's Story True or False

View  1858.09.16  Boy Flogged - To the Hon. Mr. Justice Wilmot from Father Michael Egan

View  1858.09.18  Boy Flogged - Soliciting Judge to Defend Himself

View  1858.09.21  Boy Flogged - Call for Names and Facts

View  1858.09.28  Boy Flogged - The Presbyterian vs The Investigator on Judge Wilmot's Character

View  1858.10.19  Boy Flogged - The Judge and the Priest - More Debate

View  1858.11.18  Union of Colonies Mocked

View  1858.12.16  A Visit to St. John - Scenery and Irish character

View  1859.01.04  A Visit to St. John - Historical figures and Suburban Villages

View  1859.01.22  Boy Flogged - Bishop Connolly Blasts Judge Wilmot

View  1859.01.22  M.H. Perley Defends Seduced Female Orphan

View  1859.02.17  Boy Flogged - Editorial by a Railroad Man

View  1859.03.08  Boy Flogged - Judge Wilmot's Story - New Information

View  1859.03.10  Boy Flogged - Bishop Dr. Connolly's letter reprinted

View  1859.05.07  Irish Emigrants and value of Emigrant Agents

View  1859.06.07  Advertisement for Guinness Brewery

View  1859.06.23  Emigration Agent Shives Lacks Funds

View  1859.07.21  Emigrants - Better Class of Emigrants

View  1859.08.04  Thomas D'Arcy McGee - Announcing Visit

View  1859.08.13  Thomas D'Arcy McGee - Arrival and Schedule

View  1859.08.16  Thomas D'Arcy McGee - Review of Lecture on Burns and Moore

View  1859.08.18  Thomas D'Arcy McGee - Review of Lecture on Politics in Shakespeare's plays

View  1859.08.20  Emigrants and Land - Government Mismanagement

View  1859.08.20  Thomas D'Arcy McGee - Review of Lecture on Irish Brigade

View  1859.08.27  Thomas D'Arcy McGee - Questions lecture review by Temperance Telegraph

View  1859.08.27  Thomas D'Arcy McGee - Reception

View  1859.08.30  Emigrants from Galway - Not the Right Kind

View  1859.08.30  Thomas D'Arcy McGee Arrival Saint John from Halifax

View  1859.09.01  Thomas D'Arcy McGee - Review of Lecture on Edmund Burke - McGee and Colonial Union

View  1859.12.03  St. Patrick's Society Not Representative of St. John Irish

View  1860.01.03  Advertisement - Inishowen Old Irish Whiskey - Londonderry

View  1860.01.21  Colonisation - Rev. John Sweeny on benefits of country living

View  1860.02.11  Emigrant Aid Society - To Working Men - City Life vs Country Life

View  1860.02.14  Emigrant Aid Society - To Working Men - Country Life

View  1860.02.18  To Working Men - Calculations - Financial benefits of Country Life

View  1860.02.21  To Working Men - New Settlers and Country Life

View  1860.02.23  To Working Men - Promoting Country Life

View  1860.02.25  Address to the Right Rev. Dr. Sweeny, Bishop Elect of Saint John and His Reply

View  1860.04.17  The Consecration - Right Rev. John Sweeny Bishop of Saint John

View  1860.06.07  Rumour - Rev. Sweeny's Land Grants under the Labor Act

View  1860.06.16  Rev. Sweeny's Land Grants - supports Catholic settlement in the country

View  1860.06.21  Sale of Crown Land - Rev. Sweeny's Settlements - Anti-Catholic View

View  1860.08.02  Emigrant Aid Society Meeting - Land Grants allotted

View  1860.08.21  Rev. Glass's Emigrants from Scotland

View  1860.09.18  Emigrant Aid Society - Land grants and Government support for settlement

View  1861.01.22  Emigrant Aid Association - Bishop Sweeny - Settlement in rural New Brunswick

View  1861.01.26  Emigration - Hard work and success in farming - Surveyor General James Brown

View  1861.03.21  Emigration - Colonisation - Bishop Sweeny on Catholic Settlements in New Brunswick

View  1861.05.09  The Irish in Ireland - Evictions at Glenveagh Co. Donegal

View  1861.05.16  Arrival Bark Argentinius - Londonderry

View  1861.05.25  Emigrant's Aid Society - Bark Argentinius

View  1861.06.11  Emigration Board of Guardians, Galway

View  1861.07.04  Emigrant Aid Society - Applications for Employment

View  1861.07.11  Emigrants - Scotland - the ship Irvine

View  1861.07.16  Rev. Glass Deceives Emigrants

View  1861.07.25  Johnville Gets Its Name

View  1861.08.03  Case of Rev. Mr. Glass - Fraud charges dealing with land and Scottish emigrants

View  1861.08.03  Rev. Glass and fraud charges

View  1861.08.06  Rev. Mr. Glass - Letter of defence by Wm. Dallas in fraud case

View  1861.08.06  Rev. Mr. Glass defence against fraud charges

View  1861.08.15  The Irish Census - Population, Religion

View  1861.08.17  Rev. Mr. Glass - Supporters

View  1861.08.20  Rev. Mr. Glass - Emigrants from the Ship Irvine Against Rev. Glass

View  1861.08.22  Rev. Mr. Glass - Emigrant James Doublin response to Dallas Letter

View  1861.08.27  Rev. Mr. Glass - Wm. Dallas response to James Doublin letter

View  1861.08.27  Rev. Mr. Glass' Emigrants on Partridge Island

View  1861.09.12  Government promotes Emigration from Scotland over Ireland

View  1861.09.12  Rev. Mr. Glass - Emigrants from the Ship Irvine retraction of letter

View  1861.09.17  Aid to Mrs. Cunningham and children from Coleraine

View  1861.09.17  Rev. Mr. Glass - Support from Glassville Settlers

View  1861.10.19  Another Potato Famine - Emigration to New Brunswick should be encouraged

View  1861.10.22  Emigration to New Brunswick promoted better by Emigrant Aid Society

View  1861.11.12  The English Papers - Famine and conditions in Ireland

View  1861.11.14  Lord Palmerston motives for shipping tenants to New Brunswick

View  1861.11.16  Lord Palmerston - Cruelties Remembered - Condition of Emigrants shipped to New Brunswick

View  1861.12.24  Religious Census of St. John

View  1862.01.04  Passage Notice from Londonderry - Emigration to New Brunswick encouraged

View  1862.06.12  Emigrants Arrival Notice - Hiawatha (Galway) - Olympia (the Clyde)

View  1862.06.28  Fair Isle Emigrants - Government Aid

View  1862.07.05  Fair Isle Emigrants - Aid and Settlement in New Brunswick

View  1862.07.08  Emigrant Aid Society - Meeting

View  1862.07.08  Scottish Emigrants in Carleton County

View  1862.07.26  Emigrants Arrive -Ships Elizabeth, J.S.Dewolf, Lochnivar

View  1862.08.26  St. John Aid money sent to Galway

View  1862.09.09  Johnville Colonization progress

View  1862.09.09  M. H. Perley Death

View  1862.09.30  Johnville and Glassville Settlements

View  1863.01.29  Police Report - Assault on John Tiner

View  1863.01.31  Glassville Settlement

View  1863.02.10  Colonization - Settlements - Emigrant Aid Society

View  1863.02.28  Need for greater Assistance for Ireland from Saint John

View  1863.04.30  Irish Famine Relief Fund

View  1863.05.07  Ship Elizabeth - Derry - Arrival

View  1863.05.30  Emigrant Vessel - Brig Margaret

View  1863.05.30  Irish Relief Fund - Letter on remittance from Saint John

View  1863.06.09  Accident - Sailor on the ship Mohonga

View  1863.06.11  Police Office - Deserters ship Mohongo

View  1863.09.29  Glassville Visit

View  1864.01.09  Number of Catholics Who Hold Office

View  1864.02.04  Portrait of an Irishman - Irish Literature

View  1864.02.06  Promotion of Immigration from Scotland - James Brown's mission

View  1864.02.25  Souper System - Irish Church Mission Society

View  1864.03.01  Immigration - Detailing Expenses

View  1864.03.01  Irish Church Mission - Response to charges of Mr. Webster

View  1864.04.16  Emigrant Aid Association - Questions and Answers on operation and funding

View  1864.04.21  Emigrant Aid Association - defends policy, condition, and acts

View  1864.04.28  Emigrant Aid Association - Need for more public meetings and reports

View  1864.05.05  Barque Dr. Kane - Derry - Immigrants Expected

View  1864.05.24  Barque Dr. Kane - Arrival

View  1864.05.26  Johnville Settlement

View  1864.06.16  Orangemen and influence in Queens County Election

View  1864.07.09  Advertisement - Guinesses Extra Stout

View  1864.08.02  Mr. Brown - Irish Music and Song

View  1864.10.20  Honour to Brave - Rescue of the Crew of the Barque Hiawatha

View  1864.10.25  The Powers' Case - Boy in Judge Wilmot's flogging story

View  1864.11.05  Rev. Mr. Powers statement on the flogging story

View  1865.01.12  The Emigrant Aid Society Settlements - Reports on conditions

View  1865.01.14  The Fenians

View  1865.01.14  The Fenians

View  1865.01.17  The Fenians - 15th Regiment - Captain Macshane

View  1865.01.17  The Fenians - Captain Macshane Company

View  1865.09.05  Advertisement - McCorkell Line

View  1865.09.28  Fenianism in Ireland

View  1865.09.30  Fenianism in Ireland

View  1865.09.30  The Journal - Fenianism in Ireland

View  1865.10.26  The Fenians Congress held in Philadelphia

View  1865.10.31  The Fenians

View  1865.11.25  Hon. T. D. M'Gee - Speech on the Fenians

View  1865.12.09  The Fenians - Raids on Saint John and New Brunswick

View  1865.12.12  Lieutenant - Governor at Woodstock - Fenians

View  1865.12.12  The Fenian Scare - St. Croix Courier

View  1865.12.21  The Fenians - Poem by T. D. McGee - New Brunswick fears invasion

View  1866.01.20  Is the Governor a Fenian

View  1866.01.23  Fenians - Catholics - Confederation

View  1866.03.10  Fenians - Orangemen - Confederation

View  1866.03.13  John Earle arrested for firearm discharge - Fenian scare

View  1866.04.07  Fenians - Illinois article on Fenian threat to New Brunswick

View  1866.04.12  Fenians - O'Mahoney Fenians activities in Eastport

View  1866.04.14  Fenians - Military preparation Eastport and area

View  1866.04.17  Fenians - Activity around Eastport

View  1866.04.19  Fenians - Military activity Eastport and Calais

View  1866.04.21  Fenians - Invasion threat aids Canada Party

View  1866.04.24  Fenians - Activities of British and American Military

View  1866.04.26  Fenians - Build-up along New Brunswick border - Part of Gladstone's speech

View  1866.04.28  Fenians - Departure from New Brunswick border

View  1866.05.01  Fenians - Failure of Eastport Expedition

View  1866.05.03  Fenians - A Scare Tactic helping Confederation

View  1866.05.05  Fenians - Eastport - United States of America Steamer Winooski and Fenian Privateer

View  1866.05.10  Fenians - Failure of O'Mahoney's plan for Campobello

View  1866.05.19  Fenians - Campobello - Border troubles - Confederation

View  1866.08.14  The Exodus - Migration out of the Province - Confederation

View  1866.09.06  Politics and Gaol and Prisons, Saint John

View  1866.09.13  Fenianism and Confederation

View  1866.10.20  Outrage at Indian Island Denied

View  1866.10.20  Working class find success in New Settlements

View  1866.11.03  Johnville - Author, J. F. Maguire M.P research

View  1866.11.27  Johnville Prosperity

View  1866.12.22  Woodstock Sentinel - Johnville's Prosperity repeated in other settlements

View  1867.03.26  Police Court - Joseph R. McCready Libel case

View  1867.06.15  Died - The Province of New Brunswick

View  1867.08.20  Maguire on Johnville, Irish settlement and Reform Question

View  1867.09.12  False Letters against T. W. Anglin - John Meahan

View  1867.09.17  Irish Friendly Society

View  1867.10.17  Pastoral Visit to Johnville

View  1872.12.28  James Meahan - Coroner's Jury Verdict - Death of Mr. End