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Views on the Irish

38 result(s) were found referencing the term Passage Notices and Other Advertisements

View  Advertisement - Brig Daniel O'Connell - Londonderry to St. John
New Brunswick Courier 1829.3.21

View  Advertisement - Engaging Passage from Londonderry and the North of Ireland
New Brunswick Courier 1853.1.8

View  Advertisement - Guinesses Extra Stout
The Morning Freeman 1864.7.9

View  Advertisement - Inishowen Old Irish Whiskey - Londonderry
The Morning Freeman 1860.1.3

View  Advertisement - Irish Whiskey
New Brunswick Courier 1836.10.8

View  Advertisement - McCorkell Line
The Morning Freeman 1865.9.5

View  Advertisement - New Brunswick Emigration Agency - Passage - James Robertson
New Brunswick Courier 1847.9.18

View  Advertisement - Passage From Co. Cork - Limerick - Kerry
New Brunswick Courier 1828.11.8

View  Advertisement - Sheil's - Liquor
New Brunswick Courier 1834.6.14

View  Advertisement - Ship Edward Reid - Londonderry to St. John
New Brunswick Courier 1830.9.25

View  Advertisement - Ship Mary - Londonderry to St. John
New Brunswick Courier 1828.11.8

View  Advertisement - Ship William Pitt - St. John to Belfast - Return
New Brunswick Courier 1828.2.2

View  Advertisement - Steamers Admiral and Eastern City and Sailing Time Table
New Brunswick Courier 1852.7.24

View  Advertisement Brig Hannah - Londonderry
New Brunswick Courier 1818.12.18

View  Emigrants Leave for the Mississippi
New Brunswick Courier 1850.11.2

View  Emigration - Advertisement for Passengers
New Brunswick Courier 1833.10.19

View  Launch of the Aeolus from Portland
New Brunswick Courier 1846.6.27

View  New Ship - John Walker
New Brunswick Courier 1832.7.28

View  Notice Brig Susanna sailing - Warning against Neptune crew
New Brunswick Courier 1823.10.4

View  Passage - Ship Saint Patrick
New Brunswick Courier 1837.4.22

View  Passage Broker - Henry Gault
New Brunswick Courier 1823.8.9

View  Passage Broker - William Black
New Brunswick Courier 1819.12.18

View  Passage from Londonderry Advertisement.
The Standard or Frontier Agricultural and Commercial Gazette 1846.9.9

View  Passage Notice - Alan Ker
New Brunswick Courier 1837.11.25

View  Passage Notice - Barque Rowena
New Brunswick Courier 1836.10.15

View  Passage Notice - Brig Britannia
New Brunswick Courier 1837.10.14

View  Passage Notice - Byron
New Brunswick Courier 1837.7.29

View  Passage Notice - Emigration - Wm. Dougan
New Brunswick Courier 1835.1.3

View  Passage Notice - Royal Tar
New Brunswick Courier 1836.6.4

View  Passage Notice - Ship Glasgow
New Brunswick Courier 1836.2.13

View  Passage Notice - Ship Portland
New Brunswick Courier 1835.7.25

View  Passage Notice - Ship Protector
New Brunswick Courier 1835.1.3

View  Passage Notice - The Glasgow
New Brunswick Courier 1837.6.3

View  Passage Notice from Londonderry - Emigration to New Brunswick encouraged
The Morning Freeman 1862.1.4

View  Ship Advertisement - St. Patrick
New Brunswick Courier 1836.11.5

View  Ship Marcus Hill - Poor Condition
New Brunswick Courier 1827.9.22

View  Six Criminal Charges - Also arrivals Ports of St. Andrews and Miramichi
New Brunswick Courier 1823.10.11

View  Wrecks - Ship Jane & The Robert Kerr - Loss of Life
New Brunswick Courier 1831.10.1