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31 result(s) were found referencing the term Physicians and Health Officers

View  Affairs at the Quarantine Station, Miramichi - Illness of Dr. Vondy
New Brunswick Courier 1847.7.3

View  Bill to prevent spread of distempers - Saint John
New Brunswick Courier 1832.12.22

View  Board of Health - Saint John Districts
New Brunswick Courier 1834.4.26

View  Card - Dr. Alexander Kennedy From Belfast, Commences Practice
New Brunswick Courier 1849.10.27

View  Cullings from the True Liberator - Patrick Bennett
The New Dominion and True Humorist 1873.4.12

View  Death of Dr. Frank Andrew in Fredericton from Fever Brought by Emigrants
New Brunswick Courier 1847.10.9

View  Doctors Appointed to Examine Partridge Island and Almshouse Facilities
New Brunswick Courier 1847.8.28

View  Dr. Collins Illness and Captain Hall's Death on Partridge Island
New Brunswick Courier 1847.6.26

View  Dr. Collins Obituary - Died on Partridge Island
The True Liberator 1847.7.3

View  Emigrant Plan - New members Faculty of Physicians - Editor Saint Andrews Herald
New Brunswick Courier 1831.8.20

View  Emigrants At Quebec - Lord Palmerston's Pauper Tenants
New Brunswick Courier 1847.11.20

View  Formation of Medical Boards - Aid to the poor - Ships Tyro and Congress in Quarantine
New Brunswick Courier 1832.7.28

View  Miramichi Quarantine Report - Death of Dr. Vondy
New Brunswick Courier 1847.7.10

View  Mr. Thomas T. Currie, Mr. Vondy, and Mr. John Walker become Doctors
New Brunswick Courier 1851.3.29

View  Notice - Physicians Saint John - Dr. Bayard and son
New Brunswick Courier 1837.10.21

View  Physicians Address - St. John
New Brunswick Courier 1831.4.30

View  Poem on the Board of Health
New Brunswick Courier 1832.7.21

View  Potato Blight in New Brunswick - Emigration Hospital & Quarantine Station Reports - Illness of Dr. Harding
New Brunswick Courier 1847.8.14

View  Provincial Vaccine Establishment St. John
New Brunswick Courier 1836.6.11

View  Quarantine and Emigrant Farmers
New Brunswick Courier 1851.5.24

View  Quarantine Law Violations - New York
New Brunswick Courier 1837.6.17

View  Quarantine of the Eliza Liddell at Shippegan
The Gleaner and Northumberland, Kent, Gloucester and Restigouche Commercial and Agricultural Journal 1847.10.5

View  Quarantine Regulations - Board of Health
New Brunswick Courier 1833.6.15

View  Quarantine Report
New Brunswick Courier 1832.8.11

View  Quarantine Report - Death of Dr. Collins
New Brunswick Courier 1847.7.3

View  Quarantine Report - Doctor's Salaries
New Brunswick Courier 1847.6.5

View  Quarantine Report - Dr. G.J. Harding Improving
New Brunswick Courier 1847.8.21

View  Quarantine Reports - Cholera - Hospital - Obits - Health Association
New Brunswick Courier 1832.8.4

View  Riot in Portland
New Brunswick Courier 1845.3.22

View  River Quarantine - F'ton Board of Health
New Brunswick Courier 1834.9.20

View  Visiting Physicians Appointed
New Brunswick Courier 1831.4.23