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np  The Star

Place: Fredericton

Frequency of publication: 3/weekly

infoCollation information may contain probable dates and/or voluming.

Harper: 97

Title: Historical Directory of New Brunswick Newspapers and Periodicals
Author: Harper, J. Russell
Publication Info: Fredericton: University of New Brunswick, 1961.
Call Number: HIL-MICGD/HIL-REF PN 4917 .N42 H37

Note:   The date when title changed from "Morning Star" to The "Star" is unknown.

Microfilmed by:
  • University of New Brunswick, Fredericton
Missing from microfilm:
  • 1879 all issues before/toutes les issues avant Au 12,v 2,no 34, Au-N no 35-69, N no 74-78,80,84, D no 90
  • 1880 Ja 15, F 24, Mr 9,23, Al 10, Ma 8,18,22,27,28,29 Jl 24
Location of originals:
  • University of New Brunswick, Fredericton 1879 N 613,20,2529; D 413, 1830 1880 Ja 313, 17F 21,26Mr 6,1120,25Al 8,13Ma 6,1115,20,25,Jn 1Jl 22,27,29
  • New Brunswick Museum, Saint John 1880 [Ma 20]
Location of negative microfilm masters:
  • University of New Brunswick, Fredericton

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