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np  Colonial Empire

Place: Saint John

Frequency of publication: irregular

infoCollation information may contain probable dates and/or voluming.

Harper: 243

Title: Historical Directory of New Brunswick Newspapers and Periodicals
Author: Harper, J. Russell
Publication Info: Fredericton: University of New Brunswick, 1961.
Call Number: HIL-MICGD/HIL-REF PN 4917 .N42 H37

Note:   Frequency varied. Four separate editions seem to have appeared concurrently weekly "intended to be a First Class Commercial Paper" containing "shipping and market reports from our own and Sister Provinces" and related items "on British and foreign ports"; tri weekly devoted "to City matters and General News" appeared on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays; semi weekly "made up expressly for country circulation will contain everything that may be of interest or importance to our readers."
It is not clear if the Daily edition filled yet another need or was obtained by a combined subscription to the other three versions.
May have begun as offshoot of "The "Christian Visitor"", Saint John (q.v.).

Location of originals:
  • Charlotte County Historical Society Inc., St. Andrews 1861 Mr 27, Al 12, Ma 2, 4,[27]; 1862 Mr 4,7, Ma 8
  • Provincial Archives of New Brunswick Ja 7,21,22, F 4,10, Mr 12,14,15,18, 19,26,27,29, Al 4,7,11,12,15,21,23,26, Ma 8,10, Jn 16,18, Au 13, S 29
  • University of New Brunswick, Fredericton 1861 F 15, Mr 4,15
  • Saint John Regional Library 1861 F 18, D 21
  • New Brunswick Museum, Saint John 1861 Mr 28, Al 5, Jn 14,24

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