Provincial Archives of New Brunswick

New Brunswick Newspaper Directory

”Not for its own sake alone, but for the sake of society and good government, the press should be free. Publicity is a strong bond which unites the people and their government. Authority should do no act that will not bear the light.”

James A. Garfield

The discovery of new original issues of last century newspapers have brought about the need to produce a second edition of the New Brunswick Newspaper Directory 1783-1996.

It is important to include every known newspaper published in New Brunswick during this period as they form a most important historical record of the day-to-day happenings in the life of the province.

Newspapers are a chronicle, history, record and sources of opinion covering the trials and tribulations, celebrations and historic events taking place in the communities they served and are serving.

But it is not only great events that newspapers carry. They record the activities of ordinary individuals, when they were born, married, and when they died.

The events surrounding political activities of all political parties are covered in detail. The grand debates occurring in the Legislative Assembly, and the not-so-grand activities of elected members, are recorded for posterity in the columns of daily newspapers.

Through the years, the function of gathering the news and printing the news, is based on the newspaper’s responsibility to inform the readers of the happenings in their communities. This involves hard news and feature articles, with, of course, the occasional exposé. All designed to give as complete an accounting of the ebbs and flows of happenings that are important.

Having a record of all the newspapers published in New Brunswick in both printed form and microfilm, provides researchers, archivists, and librarians with an essential source of information covering the notable and not so notable events covered by newspapers during the period of 1783- 1996 of New Brunswick.

Having completed a fifty year career with New Brunswick daily newspapers, I find it interesting and revealing to go back and examine old issues that refresh one’s mind to the key events that have happened over the past years.

As Benjamin Franklin said: “If all printers were determined not to print anything until they were sure it would offend nobody, there would be very little printed.”

Referring to back issues of newspapers is to take a walk through history that is revealing, stimulating and very educational.

Tom Crowther.