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The publiction New Brunswick Newspaper Directory

Newspaper Directory This web version was built from information in the New Brunswick Newpaper Directory 1783-1996 revised and updated second edition published in 1996. Copied with permission. To obtain a copy of the Directory contact:

Saint John Free Public Library
Acquisitions Department
1 Market Square
Saint John, NB CANADA
E2L 4Z6

Typical Entries

Click the thumbnail to view a typical entry. Most titles will NOT have entries for every category. These categories are listed below:

1. Newspaper number in the directory.
2. Place: the location of publication.
3. Newspaper: Each known title change has been given a separate entry.
4. Collation: Frequency of publication, voluming, starting and ending dates. Entries will be highlighted when probable dates or voluming were entered.
5. Published by: Identifies publisher when known.
6. Relationships to title follows with "Continues from", "Continued by", "Merged with", "Absorbed by", "To form" as apporpriate. Where an entry for one of the preceeding exists, it will be a link that will take the user directly to that listing.
7. Harper: Entry number for this title in Harper's "Historical Directory fo New Brunswick Newspapers".
8. Note: Notes cover a wide range of background information, etc.
9. Microfilmed by: Institution or entity which microfilmed this title.
10. Issues missing from microfilm: In many cases this information is unavailable, thus researchers should not assume that microfilm for titles without this element are complete runs.
11. Location of originals:  Where no dates appear after a location, all issues identified in collation were at the location shown as of 1996.
12. Location of negative microfilm masters: Shows location of microfilm masters for filming done to the end of August 1996. If no location is shown, negative masters are at the institution that did the filming.
13. Locations of positive microfilm copies: Where no date appears, the institution has user copies for the full date range of the filmed newspaper. These institutions may provide interlibrary loans of these films.

Additional explanatory notes

When elements are missing from a description, that information is not applicable or was not available at the time of this publication.

Square brackets indicate incomplete holdings. An open ended date indicates that the title is ongoing.

The Directory provides primarily New Brunswick locations only; researchers should be aware that additional issues and copies may exist in locations outside the province.

Dates and Holdings - For the months of the year, there is a one or two letter list of abbreviations applicable in both English and French. For brevity and ease of use these forms have been used in lists of locations (mainly relating to locations of originals) and to lists of "issues missing from microfilm". In both instances the year appears first followed by specific months and days. (see table below).

Month of the year/Mois de l'année