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Canadian Forces Base Gagetown Cemeteries

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CFB Gagetown Cemeteries


The land currently occupied by CFB Gagetown is over 1,100 square kilometers. It is part of Sunbury and Queens Counties and the Parishes of Blissville, Hampstead, Petersville, Gagetown, and Burton. The land was expropriated by the federal government in 1953. Expropriation of the land forced between 2,000 and 3,000 people to leave their homes.

Besides leaving their homes, these families left behind their deceased loved ones who lived and worked in the area. The cemeteries are known to number 44 in total. These cemeteries are still maintained and are mostly in good condition. They are 'Out of Bounds' to military personnel, however, civilians may obtain a recreation pass from Range Control to travel to and visit these cemeteries. Please note that conditions of the pass will change on a daily basis depending on military activity. It's best to call ahead to see if the area you wish to visit on a particular day will be open for civilian use.

Range Control contact information: (506) 422-2482, Ext: 2482

Digital Photos

Approximately 98% of the grave markers were digitally photographed and are available in the record details. These photos have the date of the image in the lower right-hand corner of the image. These images are provided for reference purposes only. The quality of the image may depend of the condition of the grave marker, environmental conditions, etc.


A map of the location of each cemetery is also included in the record details. The maps are provided as a guide only and are to be used for reference purposes only.

Unknown Graves

If a grave was marked with a white cross, very fragmented stone, rock, or other such marker, then it was added to the database as UNKNOWN in the family name field.

Unmarked Graves

As one walks through these cemeteries it is obvious the there are many graves that are unmarked. As was often the case during the period this area was settled, families did not have the financial resources to erect a permanent marker. Unmarked graves were not included in the database.

Project Notes

This project was done with the following intent:
1. To provide a searchable database on the cemeteries located on CFB Gagetown in order to assist researchers who have interest in that area.
2. To provide a digitized photo of the cemetery and of each individual grave marker for reference purposes.

Other Links of Interest

The Base Gagetown Community History Association Inc.
This is a great resource for information regarding this area and the families that lived there.

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Final Notes

The transcriptions, digitized photos, database and the application were done by a private individual and the work donated to the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick.

info Disclaimer: The information available here is provided for research purposes only and is strictly "as is". The Provincial Archives assumes NO responsibility for completeness or accuracy.