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Gravestones have always been recognized as an important source of genealogical information, but locating this information is not always easy. You could spend days wandering cemeteries and eventually might happen upon the stone you are seeking.

To alleviate the time-consuming searching, genealogists began to transcribe cemeteries so others could more easily access the information. As the number of lists accumulated in archives and libraries, indexing became necessary.

Several members of the Capital Branch of the NB Genealogical Society identified attempts in other provinces to provide electronic access to such lists and thought that a similar project here would produce a useful research tool. As a pilot project the Capital Branch established a committee to explore gathering the data for York and Sunbury Counties, creating a searchable database, and providing access on the internet. Early on they approached the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick as a partner in the project.

The information provided in the database was transcribed from existing gravestones. This means that stones no longer existing that may have been transcribed in the past will not appear. As well, the data presented is a transcription - no extrapolations, conjectures or guesses have been made regarding relationships between names on the stones, unless the relationship was stated.

As a pilot project the database is only in its infancy and will grow as the work continues. In the future it is hoped that other branches of the New Brunswick Genealogical Society may become involved with the goal being to one day have a database that encompasses the whole province.

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