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The documentary corpus covers the years from 1887 to 1957 and focuses mainly on northeastern New Brunswick, although some news articles from other regions are also indexed. We respected the original format of Mgr. Robichaud’s work, that is, the information is presented in the form of a summary of the article as it appeared in the newspaper and is accessible via three indexes: by people, places, and topics. It is therefore important to realize that what appears in this database is a summary of the article as it appeared in L’Évangéline. For the full article, the newspaper must be consulted, which is available on microfilm at a number of provincial institutions (libraries and archives). Several digitized editions of the newspaper are available through Google's "Newspaper Archives" project.

In terms of figures, here is a breakdown of the volume of information contained in this portal:

  • 15,128 article summaries
  • 29,733 people are referenced
  • 1,533 places are reference
info Disclaimer: The database is developed from the transcriptions of Father Donat Robichaud from the newspaper l’Évangéline and may contain typographical or transcription errors, or errors and inconsistencies in the newspaper text. As the Provincial Archives does not make changes to records in its holdings, changes will not be made to the database.
The language of the text is the original used in the L’Évangéline entry and as transcribed by Father Donat Robichaud. Records acquired by the Provincial Archives are not translated from the language in which they originate.