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 Family NameGiven NamesDatePlace
Details Albert 1949-03-03Caraquet
Details AlbertA. 1917-04-25 
Details AlbertA. 1945-09-20 
Details AlbertA.-A.1945-07-19 
Details AlbertA.-A.1945-07-26 
Details AlbertA.-A.1945-08-02 
Details AlbertA.-E.1945-10-31 
Details AlbertA.-J.1945-04-26 
Details AlbertAdélard1955-07-12Blanchard Settlement
Details AlbertAdélard (Mme)1929-11-07Berlin, New Hampshire
Details AlbertAdrien1938-12-22Caraquet
Details AlbertAdrien1944-09-21Caraquet
Details AlbertAdrien1952-01-08Caraquet
Details AlbertAgapit1895-07-14Caraquet
Details AlbertAgapit1903-08-06 
Details AlbertAgapit1918-11-06Caraquet
Details AlbertAgapit1928-11-22Caraquet
Details AlbertAgapit1934-07-19Caraquet
Details AlbertAgapit1951-09-28Caraquet
Details AlbertAgapit (Mme)1918-11-06Caraquet