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 Family NameGiven NamesDatePlace
Details AugerA.-J.1945-08-23 
Details AugerA.-J.1945-12-13 
Details AugerAdélard1940-12-12Charlo
Details AugerAdélard1941-05-08Charlo
Details AugerAdélard1942-08-06Charlo
Details AugerAmable1941-01-09Charlo
Details AugerAmable1942-08-06Charlo
Details AugerDelphine (Mme)1955-03-16Eel River
Details AugerG.1945-06-21 
Details AugerGeorges1939-10-05Charlo
Details AugerGeorges1942-08-06Charlo
Details AugerGeorges1955-03-16Eel River
Details AugerGeorges1957-05-10Néguac
Details AugerGeorges (Mme)1919-12-29Petit-Rocher
Details AugerJames1939-10-05Charlo
Details AugerJames1940-12-12Charlo
Details AugerJames1941-05-08Charlo
Details AugerJames1942-08-06Charlo
Details AugerJames (Mme)1942-08-06Charlo
Details AugerLéo1942-08-06Charlo