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City of Fredericton Burial Permit Listing

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City of Fredericton Burial Permit Listing 1902-1903; 1908-1911; 1915-1919 Published in the Fredericton Daily Gleaner.


Between 1902 and 1919, for selected years, the Fredericton Daily Gleaner published lists of individuals for whom the City of Fredericton’s Vital Statistics Registrar had issued burial permits. These were people who had either died within the City of Fredericton in the selected year, or in some cases, had died elsewhere and were being buried within the city. The listing generally provided name, age, and date of death, and even, for a very few years, the cause of death. Although there were occasions when the age was not listed, or the date was not legible due to damage to the newspaper page, we have attempted to provide the missing information by consulting obituary notices of the day. These notices were also used to provide proper names where the Gleaner’s listing used only initials.

Note: The Provincial Archives of New Brunswick does not have the original Fredericton burial permits.