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BOISHÉBERT, CHARLES, French military leader in Acadia; b. Quebec City, 7 Feb 1727, s/o Henri-Louis Deschamps de Boishébert and Louise-Geneviève de Ramezay; m. 1760, Charlotte-Elisabeth-Antoinette Deschamps de Boishébert et de Raffetot; d. Raffetot, near Rouen, France, 9 Jan 1797.

Charles Deschamps de Boishébert, from whom Beaubear's Island derives its name, entered the French army in 1742 and fought the British in Acadia between 1746 and 1756. In January 1757 he arrived on the Miramichi, where he established a headquarters and refuge for Acadians fleeing the expulsion. He spent the winter of 1757-58 in Quebec. After the fall of Louisbourg the next July he led a large band of Acadian refugees from Nova Scotia to the Miramichi. He then departed almost immediately with 400 soldiers, leaving the Acadians to fend for themselves.

Boishébert fought at Quebec in 1759 and at Ste Foy in 1760. When he went to France after the war he was charged with complicity in the schemes of the Intendant François Bigot and was accused of "having profited personally from the purchase in Quebec of supplies for the starving Acadians." He was imprisoned in the Bastille but was acquitted and released fifteen months later. Most of the remainder of his life was spent at an estate in France which he acquired through marriage.


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