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CAMPBELL, PETER (17??-1822)

CAMPBELL, PETER, JP, JCP, and militia officer; formerly of Trenton, N.J.; married; d. Maugerville, N.B., 21 Feb 1822.

When the Revolutionary War erupted, Peter Campbell was living in Trenton, N.J. He joined up with the New Jersey Volunteers and was commissioned as a captain under his brother-in-law, Lieut. Col. Isaac Allen, who was the husband of his sister. He went south with Allen and was at the siege of Savannah. While serving in South Carolina he was shot through the shoulder and seriously wounded.

After the war, Campbell came to New Brunswick with his wife and one child. He received a grant of land in Kingsclear parish in York County, but he was appointed a justice of the peace in Northumberland County in 1803. In 1806 he was also made a justice of the Inferior Court of Common Pleas. He often certified the petitions of disbanded soldiers, and his helpfulness was praised by a Loyalist settler in 1807.

Campbell was colonel and commanding officer of the 1st Battalion of Northumberland County militia in 1808. With the abolition that year of the militia rank of "colonel," he reverted to being a lieutenant colonel, until he relinquished his command in 1809. He probably left the county at that time. He died at Maugerville in 1822.


[d] Lawrence / Facey-Crowther; Maxwell; Spray (ENC)