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QUINN, JAMES C. (1845 LIVING 1912)

QUINN, JAMES C., Presbyterian minister, Tabusintac and Burnt Church, 1881-83; b. near Belfast, Ireland, 27 May 1845, s/o Richard Quinn and Jane Cochrane; m. 1872, Anna Wilson, of Belfast; living in 1912.

James C. Quinn was educated at Queen's College, Belfast, and trained for the ministry at the Presbyterian Assembly's College there. He was ordained in 1873 and left for the Newfoundland mission field. He transferred to Nova Scotia in 1874, and later that year, to Scotch Ridge, Charlotte County, N.B. He was back in Nova Scotia before being called to Tabusintac in 1881 to fill the vacancy that had existed since the departure of the Rev. William Fogo. While based there, he displayed a keen interest in agricultural issues. In 1883, he was called to Bathurst, where in addition to discharging his pastoral duties, he kept a herd of thoroughbred Ayrshire cattle. These and other interests are noted in a self-aggrandizing sketch he had published in A Cyclopedia of Canadian Biography (1886).

In 1885, Quinn accepted a call to Emerson, Manitoba. In announcing his arrival, the Winnipeg Free Press observed that he was "an excellent preacher" and "a man of weight, both in the English and Scotch sense of the phrase." He moved on to North Dakota in 1888 and to Helena, Montana, in 1889. At that time, it was stated that he had just been awarded a PhD degree by the "National University" in Chicago.

All that is known of Quinn's activities in the 1890s is that he switched from the Presbyterian to the Episcopal church. The census of 1900 has him located at Pittsfield, Illinois, as an "episcopal rector." In 1908, he went to Antrim, Pennsylvania, and in 1912, it was announced that he was leaving there for Port Gibson, Mississippi.

He and his wife, Anna Wilson, are not known to have had any children.


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