Provincial Archives of New Brunswick

Wallace Hale's Early New Brunswick Probate, 1785-1835

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 Family NameGiven NamesCounty
Details ANGUSMaryQueens
Details ANGUSRobertQueens
Details APPLEBYBenjaminQueens
Details ARMSTRONGMary DickinsonQueens
Details AUSTINSamuelQueens
Details BABBITDaniel the ElderQueens
Details BALMAINMargaretQueens
Details BALMAINWilliamQueens
Details BARTONAndrewQueens
Details BARTONRogerQueens
Details BARTONWilliamQueens
Details BELLJamesQueens
Details BELYEAJamesQueens
Details BIRDSILLBenjaminQueens
Details BIRDSILLBenjamin JuniorQueens
Details BLACKDanielQueens
Details BLACKBURNFrancisQueens
Details BLIZARDWilliamQueens
Details BLIZZARDHenryQueens
Details BOYLEAdamQueens